Despite His Own Iffy Record, Dana White Says UFC Ready For Gay Fighter

dana-whiteOn the occasion of the debut of Unlimited Fighting Championship’s Liz Carmouche, the league’s first lesbian competitor, UFC president Dana White says the sport is more than ready for an openly gay fighter.

And anyone who had a problem with that? “I honestly don’t see a situation where that would happen,” White told reporters, “but if it did, I’d fix it.”

But White hasn’t always had the best rep in the LGBT community: In 2009, he posted a F-bomb-laden clip YouTube , and as recent as 2011, he was running promotional videos in which combatants called each other things like “faggot motherfucker.”

Odd language considering this is a sport barely-clad guys thrust and grasp at each other.

In another instance, Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira said he would never train with someone who was gay.

“Some of our guys, and I have said some things that make it look like we’re homophobes,” White said. “But we’re not, and we’ve apologized.”

In 2011, news broke that mixed-martial artist Dakota Cochrane had done some 16 gay-porn films before joining the cast of  The Ultimate Fighter reality show. But as Cochrane maintains he’s heterosexual, the sport has still yet to see it’s first gay-male gladiator.