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Despite News Reports To The Contrary, Bryan Fischer Will Continue To Terrorize Airwaves With His Idiocy

fischerWe’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that Bryan Fischer — the radio talk show host who claimed that anti-discrimination laws made slaves of Christianslikened gay activists to insatiable leeches and compared gay people to trans fats (all for the sake of black men whom he loves and wants live disease free) — did not get fired from the American Family Association last night.

I guess all those celebratory tequila shots you did were a waste of time. (On second thought, no tequila shot is a waste of time.)

According to the New Civil Rights Movement:

Wednesday night, Twitter and the media exploded upon news that Bryan Fischer, the infamous radio host, spokesperson and director of issue analysis (whatever that is) at the American Family Association, had been fired. Rachel Maddow broke the story, having teased it during the afternoon. It was a huge win for not just the LGBT community, whom Fischer used as a punching bag daily, but for common decency.

But alas, it turns out the stories were, for the most part, false. This morning, NCRM reports that Fischer will no longer be director of analysis or spokesperson, but has retained his radio job.

There’s no word on whether he also received a 66% pay cut.

The bad news is that Fischer will still be able to spew his jibber jabber on the air, continuing to spout ridiculous, senseless bits of trivia (like the Nazi Party was formed by homosexual thugs in a gay bar in Munich and that Hitler himself was gay) to thousands of listeners. Or, one can hope, hundreds.

While the AFA has made no official announcement, its president Tim Wildmon hinted the news last night, telling MSNBC that Fischer is “just a talk show host” and that the AFA rejects  “soundbite quotes … the Hitler and homosexuality one.”

Evidently they’re standing by the trans fat comparison.

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