Despite Not Supporting Your Marriages, Obama Says He’s Your Friend!

Who’s your BFF ever? President Obama! How do you know? Because he said so himself! Asked about whether GLBTs “who wish to marry” should consider the White House an ally, Barack Obama (who’s whooping it up celebrating gay pride!) insists: “I think gays and lesbians have a friend in the White House because I’ve consistently committed myself to civil unions, making sure that they have to visit each other in hospitals, that they are able to access benefits, that they have a whole host of legal rights that they currently do not have. I don’t think it makes sense for the federal government to get in the business of determining what marriage is. That isn’t traditionally the federal government’s role.”

Indeed, President Obama believes friends let friends have separate but equal rights.
You probably want to go grab a beer with him now, right? It would give him another excuse to hold out on doing anything substantial on repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.

And he’s right about that whole “federal government” thing. You see, traditionally presidents are too cowardly to push for equal rights, and instead let the Supreme Court do it.

So when it comes to this “friendship” Obama thinks he has with America’s gay community? It’s of the sort where you run into a guy at a party, promise to get together for lunch next week, and never see each other except on Facebook.