Chewing Gum Links Killer To Crime Scene

Determined Detective Solves 1998 Gay Murders

A lot of people talk smack about a cops, so it’s always nice to remind readers that police officers can do loads of good. Take, for example, Detective Confesor Gonzalez. The Miami-based do-gooder has spent nearly a decade trying to track down the man who killed two gay men. And, after so many dead ends, he’s succeeded:

An illegal immigrant already in prison on another charge and awaiting deportation to Mexico has been charged with the killings of two gay Miami men whose bodies were found six blocks apart during a six day period in 1998, thanks to a determined cop and new forensics methods.

The murders of Leonides Ramos, 51, and Osvaldo Del Pino, 39, galvanized Miami’s gay community amid fears a serial killer of on the lose [sic].

Detective Confesor Gonzalez tells the Miami Herald that he kept a photograph of the fingerprint on his desk. He said it was a yearly reminder to run the print. “Whenever I changed desks, I kept it. Every time I went to work, it stared at me.”

The detective’s obsession paid off when the print matched a convict, 32-year old Guillermo Valencia. Valencia agreed to give the detective a DNA sample, which matched chewing gum left at a crime scene and the rest, as they say, is homo-history.

The only bad news: Valencia gets to stay in Miami-Dade County’s prison for the trial. This means, of course, that the area’s tax payers are going to be feeding, clothing and caring for him. Damn you, due process, damn you!!