Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola Accused Of Homophobic Remarks, Generally Being The Worst

Dominic-Raiola-lionsLike it’s not hard enough being in a marching band without some bonehead jock making fun of your weight and sexuality, but for some people high school never ends. Case in point, Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola, who apparently had extra helpings of his Douche-ios on Sunday.

According to Tom Melton’s Draft Blog, Raiola went on an unprovoked homophobic, misogynistic, bullying tirade against the University of Wisconsin Band before their game against the Green Bay Packers. A few highlights:

– Raiola reportedly called some Wisconsin tuba players “Fat motherfuckers” and told them that “they sucked.”

– He also yelled at another band member, as they were practicing the National Anthem, “Hey fat guy, you want a hot dog?”

– A third band member claims Raiola called him a “fat fuck” prior to their pregame performance.

– Raiola allegedly referred to at least one female band member as a “cunt.”

– A band member shared his story on Facebook about how Raiola mocked his sister and recently deceased mother, adding some homophobia for good measure: “[Raiola] was going to take his trumpet and shove it up his sister’s pussy” in addition to Raiola “repeatedly calling him a fag.”

Melton notes that Lions safety Louis Delmas apologized to the band for Raiola’s callous words and actions, adding that he enjoyed their performance. After Melton reached out to the team’s director of media relations, the Lions released the following statement:

Those reports are extremely inconsistent with the standard of behavior we expect from our players. We currently are gathering more information and will respond further when appropriate.

Either way, the Lions got their asses handed to them by the Packers 22-9. Meanwhile, we’re not in the business of bullying but, honestly Dominic Raiola, not only is mocking people because of their weight incredibly cheap, but people who live in glass International Houses of Pancakes shouldn’t throw stones. 

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  • middleagespread

    He does not look that bright. He is not a thin male. Just another meathead jock.

  • 2eo

    @middleagespread: Doesn’t look that bright?, there are black holes that ooze charisma when put up to this vacuous waste of effluent.

  • Dakotahgeo

    He does the normal “jock” image proud! I mentored these brainless jock wonders in college and it was no picnic! They passed the fools grade-wise so they could just get them the hell out the door! That’s the star-“stud”ded life of a athletic supporter.

  • kristopherfilosa

    @Dakotahgeo: Go to website and click Home tab for more details.

  • Sweet Boy

    Closeted bottom…

  • Red_Dragon_888

    I just click on “shouldn’t throw stones,” as a lark and got a good laugh. Good one. A bully indeed, and he should have know better, unless he wanted to be seen as the fool.

  • NateB79

    He’s clearly overweight himself. This is your poster boy of douchebag jocks that sit at a bar and become shitfaced messes, but think that their doughy frames are deserving of super models and loudly bellow about how they won’t give fat chicks the time of day. Clearly the fattest part of him is his brain.

  • jwrappaport

    Aside from not playing a band instrument, this is why I was in orchestra. I can’t imagine the drudgery of having to play for these baboons.

  • ho

    I heard he was “HUNGRY HOLE” on Grindr in Green Bay the night before the game looking for a gang rape at his hotel room. It said Hungry hole looking for your man meat, door in unlocked, just come in, take off my panty hose and fuk me silly.

  • Scribe38

    I live in Detroit, have watched this guy for years. I can’t tell you how much this surprises me. I watch him every Sunday during the season and have seen a lot of interviews with him. Never have I witnessed this sort of behavior or heard local stories about him. He is known as a team player and family guy. I am sort of wondering whether it is a head injury thing from playing football for so long or was he somehow provoked . What ever the case I am happy Delmas stepped up and did the right thing.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @kristopherfilosa: Thank you. I read a lot more of the story and found that this “jock” did a lot more than what we’ve heard. He should be banned for several games and fined a few thousand dollars. This type of behavior just is not acceptable. Thanks!

  • avesraggiana

    Every gay boy’s nightmare. These guys make life a Living Hell for the slightly built, effeminate gay boys of any high school. Our only consolation is that their best days are already behind them. Imagine peaking in high school. Peaking in college isn’t much better.

  • Chris-MI

    @Scribe38: Dominic Raiola has been fined for harassing fans twice before, and his wife had to sue him for child support. He doesn’t come across as a good guy to me.

  • BJ McFrisky

    The author writes, “mocking people because of their weight [is] incredibly cheap,” and yet whenever Chris Christie is mentioned on this site, that’s ALL that people do is make nasty jokes about his weight. I’ll be sure to remind Mr. Brathwaite about that when Christie’s weight is mocked on this site in the future (which it will be, trust me).

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    And once again, BJ will do whatever he can to deflect the topic from the actual posting and portray anybody anti-gay as the victim.

    Once again, BJ’s immediate knee jerk reaction is to shelter anybody attacking gays, and to portray somebody who is anti-gay as the victim.

    As for the guy this article is about. He has a double chin and is calling others fat, calling them what he is upset about in himself. No doubt calling everybody a “Fa**et” is exactly the same. I’m getting major gayface from him. Probably likes to be tied up and called names.

  • Scribe38

    @Chris-MI: I remember the child support thing now that you mention it. Don’t recall him ever having an issue with fans, but fans can be dicks at times. Maybe I don’t view him negatively because so many other lions players actually have had a run in with police and he hasn’t. Just sort of bummed out if this is true. I really liked him

  • Scribe38

    @Chris-MI: now if you said Suh I would be like yeah maybe he did.

  • Daniel

    Paraphrasing Wikipedia:

    He has three kids and a wife – and currently he lives with them. You can imagine, right? He’s been with his wife since high school (senior year was in 96).

    He had a child by another women in 2007. He stopped making child support payments ($195k per year) in 2012, and the woman sued him.

    He’s had run-ins with fans and teammates. And in 2009 Detroit sports journalists named him Detroit Lions Good Guy.

  • Dxley

    Lmgao. A fat fuck calling somebody else “a fat fuck”? This is fucking funny, but that boy is a bottom. He’s not attractive and he’s fucking fat, he’s clearly stupid and maybe he’s not acting out of his own will; he’s just mad. But he needs to have his ass kicked.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Cam: Wow, Cammie, you’re so determined to make enemies that you’re starting to fabricate things. In no way did I defend Raiola for his words or actions, I just pointed out the hypocrisy of Queerty people who gleefully call Chris Christie obese, but become so very sensitive and self-righteous when a gay person gets the same treatment.

    So which is it? Are all fat people deserving of derision? Or just fat Republicans?

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    BJ, Once again, you always refuse to talk about the subject of the post, unless it is to defend the person who is anti-gay. But mostly you try to deflect attention from the subject of the post so you can paint some anti-gay person as a victim.

    I’m sorry that you want to try to create a discussion that never happened, so you can then pretend to respond to it, but that won’t work.

    You have once again attempted to avoid the topic of the posting so you can pretend that an anti-gay person is a victim.

    Why is your first response always to try to defend and give victim status to whomever is anti-gay. You should explore that about yourself.

  • Stache1

    @BJ McFrisky: Not sure what your point is. Chris Christie is a fat fuck and so is this dumbass. The weight insults are only a part of it though. Therefore, we can make fun of him and yes even point out the hypocrisy.

  • Stache1

    What a fat, smug look on him. You didn’t even need to give me a background for me to know what a giant duch this fat ass jock is.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Stache1: “Chris Christie is a fat fuck,” you say, so the way you see it is that we gays get an automatic pass on being hypocritical name-callers, but when someone does it to us, they better watch their ass.
    Liberal delusion at its finest. Got it.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @BJ McFrisky: Right on the mark! It’s bad enough when we, the GLBTQI community are the targets, but it does NOT justify our doing the same thing we reject, in return. That would classify us as total hypocrites!

  • Txflyboyz


  • RevJames

    @Sweet Boy: Yup…direct proven connection between homoerotic response to same sex images and homophobia in “straight” men.

  • Teleny

    When I was in College, Pitt’s basketball team was really nice to the band members, hung out with us a bit at tournaments and were just great guys. Had less contact with the football team, but they were pretty cool to us too.

  • Teleny

    @BJ McFrisky: have you come out of the closet yet?

  • Geoff B

    What a typical meatheaded d-bag. So glad my Packers gave the Lions a well deserved whooping last Sunday.

  • Cam


    BJ, if you are going to invent a fake screename to back up your comments, you should be smart enough to have that screename post something other than a constant stream of responses that always say “You’re right BJ”

    This screename in the last week or so has posted that comment multiple times, any time anybody disagrees with you.

    Now, that said, BJ, you once again have ignored my request that you comment directly on this post and not try to deflect the subject matter to make some anti-gay person a victim.

    By the way BJ, Chris Chistie just said that marriage isn’t a rights issue, how do you feel about that?

  • Cam


    Even worse!

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