Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola Accused Of Homophobic Remarks, Generally Being The Worst

Dominic-Raiola-lionsLike it’s not hard enough being in a marching band without some bonehead jock making fun of your weight and sexuality, but for some people high school never ends. Case in point, Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola, who apparently had extra helpings of his Douche-ios on Sunday.

According to Tom Melton’s Draft Blog, Raiola went on an unprovoked homophobic, misogynistic, bullying tirade against the University of Wisconsin Band before their game against the Green Bay Packers. A few highlights:

– Raiola reportedly called some Wisconsin tuba players “Fat motherfuckers” and told them that “they sucked.”

– He also yelled at another band member, as they were practicing the National Anthem, “Hey fat guy, you want a hot dog?”

– A third band member claims Raiola called him a “fat fuck” prior to their pregame performance.

– Raiola allegedly referred to at least one female band member as a “cunt.”

– A band member shared his story on Facebook about how Raiola mocked his sister and recently deceased mother, adding some homophobia for good measure: “[Raiola] was going to take his trumpet and shove it up his sister’s pussy” in addition to Raiola “repeatedly calling him a fag.”

Melton notes that Lions safety Louis Delmas apologized to the band for Raiola’s callous words and actions, adding that he enjoyed their performance. After Melton reached out to the team’s director of media relations, the Lions released the following statement:

Those reports are extremely inconsistent with the standard of behavior we expect from our players. We currently are gathering more information and will respond further when appropriate.

Either way, the Lions got their asses handed to them by the Packers 22-9. Meanwhile, we’re not in the business of bullying but, honestly Dominic Raiola, not only is mocking people because of their weight incredibly cheap, but people who live in glass International Houses of Pancakes shouldn’t throw stones.