Men Who Have Sex With Men At Great Risk

Developing Countries Hit Hard By HIV

Developing countries’ HIV/AIDS problems are developing at horrific rates:

Studies have found that infection rates are growing among men who have sex with men in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and less than 5 percent of those men have access to HIV-related health care, according to a statistics released by the American Foundation for AIDS Research, or amfAR.

“It is estimated that one in 20 men who have sex with men have access to appropriate HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services,” Kevin Frost, amFAR’s chief executive officer, told reporters. “This is a massive failure of the HIV/AIDS response globally and I think one that needs to be addressed.”

Countries hit the hardest by the nasty retrovirus include Uruguay, Mexico and Senegal, where an estimated – and respective – 15%, 21% and 22% of men who have sex with men are infected with HIV. Kenya, meanwhile, boasts the most disturbing statistics: 40% of MSM carry the disease. That’s some serious shit. No joke.

Lack of sex education, taboo and discrimination are cited as some of the causes for the startling infection rates. In an effort to help the masses, amFAR are looking to raise $3 million to provide health care and information in developing nations. It’s a good start, but obviously not enough.