Dharun Ravi Didn’t Want Tyler Clementi To See Him In His Undies

Here’s an odd detail about Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers University student accused of broadcasting his roommate Tyler Clementi‘s sexual encounter with another man—apparently he changes his pants in the closet.

According to an AP News report:

Clementi found Ravi to be “soo Indian/first gen Americanish,” and thought it “awkward” that his roommate changed his pants in the closet. He also noticed that his roommate pointed a webcam at his bed.

Should we assume that Ravi changed his pants in the closet because he didn’t want his gay roommate lusting over him or could it be that Ravi is just extremely insecure about his body and his sexuality in general?

Considering that Ravi later invited his Twitter followers to watch Clementi kissing another man while Ravi secretly watched on via webcam—”Anyone with iChat, I dare you to video chat me between the hours of 9:30 and 12. Yes, it’s happening again.”—we can safely assume both insecurity and homophobia played a role in Ravi’s curious self-closeting.

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  • SteveC

    What a repulsive individual this Dharun Ravi sounds.

  • ewe

    so Ravi didn’t want Clementi to see him change clothing but Ravi wanted to see Clementi have sex? Typical kinky warped straight male. Let me get this latest defense claim from this shithead clear. Ravi is panicking with Molly Mei in another room transmitting Clementi having sex?

  • scott ny'er

    i didn’t get this before but it’s seeming more and more like Ravi is gay and deeply closeted and maybe doesn’t even know it. Oh and he’s a douche.

  • Meowzer

    You know the old saying: Those that scream fa99ot usually are.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    Interesting how this huge wooden puppet seems to think a gay man would be interested in his bizarro bod.

  • TMikel

    Ravi appears to be many things, including, ignorant, intolerant, craven, a voyeur, totally lacking in manners and basic etiquette [okay many East indian etiquette is different], compassion, empathy, self-assurance, good grooming and humane feeling, so is it any wonder that he is probably ashamed about a tiny dick?

  • Gay Veteran

    @Adonis-of-Fire: Are you serious? I can’t believe the number of racist idiots in our community. GTFO.

  • SBC19


    I doubt you’d have the nerve to say something like that to someone’s face. Idiots on the internet, talking mad shit because they’re protected by a monitor and an alias. The true definition of a ‘Sissy.’

    Kill yourself.

  • AedanRoberts

    @Adonis-of-Fire: Jesus really? I wish Queerty could ban users. That was truly offensive.

    Sure I think Ravi is no looker- but that has nothing to do with his race. I just don’t understand this kind of thing. It bothers ms just as much as a racial minority who is homophobic. A gay person who is racist? Come ON- the lack of communal empathy is so disheartening.

  • Terry

    He is for sure a total shit, but if we were in jail together I’d take care of his homosexual needs. Little dick or not :)

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @Gay Veteran: @SBC19: @AedanRoberts: I have deleted and banned Adonis-of-Fire.

    I too am getting really sick of all the racist comments Queerty gets. Racism is a big problem in the LGBTQ community and though we don’t have a full-time comment moderator, I will instantly ban anyone who makes an out-and-out racist comment just to flame. We’re here to converse and quip, not to shout inane, hateful things and leave.

    Feel free to alert us about any hateful comments or spam via [email protected]

    All comments will be considered on a case-by-case basis and evaluated on their contribution to community discourse.


  • Tackle

    I see that @Adonis-of-Fire got his offensive comments deleted. Good!
    Now I wonder if Queerty will
    do the same thing when offensive things are said about Blacks???

  • shannon


  • Steve

    Young men do foolish things. Setting a webcam to view your roommate having sex, is particularly foolish. It may have been a freshman stunt, but it was destructive and dishonest, at least. The smart ones learn from their experiences. This particular “lesson” may turn out to be very costly for Mr Ravi.

    The “golden rule” applies here. If you would not want your roommate to do something to you, then you don’t do it to him.

    With any luck, thousands of undergrads have noticed the articles about this event, and many similar incidents will be avoided. The very smart ones learn from other peoples experiences.

  • scott ny'er

    @Steve: true the golden rules applies but that is only when thought of an actually incorporated into one’s lifestyle. I would say nowadays, it’s not uncommon to encounter many people who have an air of entitlement. Rules applies to others, not to them. And sadly, I think the younger generation is full of a lot of entitled-feeling people.

    Compassion and empathy and thoughts of others. Non to barely existent.

  • Gay from India

    When this horrible incident was first reported in India – most Indians who commented thought that what Dharun Ravi did was mean-spirited and shameful. Its a pity he forgot “live and let live”. What is worse is that he still hasn’t understood how his so-called prank turned out to have such disastrous consequences. Had he learned anything from what he did, he might have expressed some remorse, or regret, or sorrow for being instrumental in someone else’s death. His silence now is just as revealing as his initial callousness.

  • Gay from India

    Correction to my previous comment. Just read on that Dharun Ravi did feel bad about what he did when he read his roommates intention to commit suicide. That puts things in a very different light. I guess when he realized how depressed his roommate was, he felt remorse about what he had done.

    Its also been reported that

    Seems to me that his mother’s rejection may have been more relevant to his suicide than what his roommate did…

  • Gay from India

    It was reported that Clementi told his family he was gay shortly before leaving for college and received a mixed reaction from his parents. “It’s a good thing dad is ok w/it or I would be in serious trouble/ mom has basically completely rejected me,” Clementi wrote in another instant messaging chat with a friend.

    Also relevant: Ravi texted. “I don’t want your freshman year to be ruined because of a petty misunderstanding, it’s adding to my guilt.”

  • TMikel

    For centuries gay and lesbian people have had to endure hate and persecution. Here we have a young man who tormented another young man until he committed suicide – have you ever been on the George Washington Bridge – it is an awful site for your last moments alive. I don’t care what nationality Ravi is. In my opinion – yes I AM entitled to any opinion and to express it just as you are – Ravi lacks humanity, empathy, decency, and feeling. There, flame me for that!

  • Jim in St Louis

    Why delete the racist comments that Queerty posters make? What is the reason? Why not leave them up and see if their comments are endorsed or rejected by other posters?

    Typical (oooh we wouldn’t want to offend anyone!) Hell, I though that Queerty was designed to offend.

  • irisgirl

    Excellent comment, Steve!

  • Robert in NYC

    Thank you, Daniel Villareal. I also believe “Queer Supremist” and “Adonis of Fire” are both the same person. Glad to see both gone.

  • the crustybastard

    @Jim in St Louis:

    Because enemies of our community will scour gay sites for trollish comments or threats of violence and attribute them to the site itself or the community as a whole, rather than properly attribute the comment to the individual who posted it.

    Yes, it’s one of their typically scurrilous, indefensible, and underhanded tactics. It’s what works for them.

  • Jack E. Jett

    this dude looks like he stinks.

  • B

    QUEERTY: ‘Considering that Ravi later invited his Twitter followers to watch Clementi kissing another man while Ravi secretly watched on via webcam—”Anyone with iChat, I dare you to video chat me between the hours of 9:30 and 12. Yes, it’s happening again.”’

    The problem is that Ravi’s post is ambiguous – he could mean what QUEERTY implies, but he could claim that he intended to show only himself, via a web cam attached to the computer
    Ravi was using, so that others could laugh at the expressions on Ravi’s face. This interpretation is just credible enough to raise reasonable doubt as to the type of privacy violation, so I’m sure his lawyer would argue for that interpretation: it could make a difference on precisely what charges a jury would be willing to convict him.

    Some of it will depend on how Ravi set up the video link, and technical details haven’t been released to the public as far as I know.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Yes, “B”, I’m suuuure this disgusting pile of shit meant no harm in his post. Right.
    Meanwhile, its always the ugly ones (inside and out) who think gay men will hit on them. Meanwhile NOBODY will hit on them. Ever.

  • Jim in St Louis

    @the crustybastard:

    “It’s what works for them.” LOL! clueless.

  • JoeyO'H

    I don’t care about Ravi’s race. It’s a none issue. But to change his pants in a closet yet spy on Clementi having sex with another man is bizarre behaviour…. Screams closet case! Ravi is a hateful guy and should be put away for a very long time. Maybe he’ll become somebody’s bottom in prison where other men can watch him have sex— against his will— and then he’ll know how it feels.

    As one poster put it, Ravi is no looker, and that’s for sure.

  • Fashion Finder

    @Tackle: To answer your question, the answer is no! Racism on is only bad when it is not directed towards blacks. It’s pathetic that the comment on Dharun Ravi attracted the attention of, but countless others have gone without notice.

    As it concerns this “article,” Ravi is just like many other straight guys who don’t want to strip around gays. It’s the locker room mentality (for those of you at gay gyms, this concept is foreign to you because your locker rooms are like the baths). Inviting his twitter friends to view Clementi having sex was a way of telling his friends “see, I told you he was gay.” It just proved to his followers why he felt unsafe around Clementi. Is that stupid? Yes. But, straight men are stupid.

  • Bil

    No. 28 · Patsy Stoned wrote, ‘Yes, “B”, I’m suuuure this disgusting pile of shit meant no harm in his post. Right.’

    If Patsy were able to read with any comprehension, he/she would have noticed that I was clearly indicating what Ravi would claim in court – there was enough ambiguity in his statement to make a plausible argument that he did not intend to show his roommate having sex. Plausible does not mean “likely”, but rather just believable enough as to constitute reasonable doubt – that pesky notion that the prosecutor must prove his case beyond any reasonable doubt before a person is convicted of a crime. The ambiguity is a real issue – we don’t send people to jail for sloppy writing, and that’s just what Ravi will claim his statements were.

    As I said, whether that flies depends on what evidence they found on the computers. No videos of anyone having sex were shown on the Internet as the cam was discovered and
    turned off. So, all you have to go on is what various people said, and both Ravi and his friend Molly have plenty of reasons to spin the story in some way. Ravi will want to downplay whatever he did and Molly just might have an incentive to please the D.A. as a way of not being charged with a crime. So, none of the witnesses can be trusted, which means you need physical evidence of some sort, if only log files on the computers.

  • B

    No. 31 · Fashion Finder wrote, “As it concerns this “article,” Ravi is just like many other straight guys who don’t want to strip around gays. It’s the locker room mentality (for those of you at gay gyms, this concept is foreign to you because your locker rooms are like the baths).”

    I’m not so sure about that – the gym I go to is mostly straight, but there’s a posting on a bulletin board about a gay group, so anyone who’s seen it must know that there are gays there. Why should they care? Nobody is hitting on anyone.

    The caveat – I’m in the Bay Area (but not San Francisco). There’s so much diversity that we are probably well ahead of much of the rest of the U.S.: straight guys I’ve talked to at work who did not have a clue about my sexual orientation have commented on how homophobic and backward other parts of the U.S. seem (one guy was traveling with friends just after graduating from college and after someone asked where they were from, they were asked if they were some of “them homosexuals,” causing much laughter at the yokels’ stupidity). Once, after going out for lunch with a group of mostly Asian co-workers, where we had “real” Chinese food – the dishes not translated into English – one person told us about an Asian friend who was visiting a family in another part of the U.S. When asked, “What do you people eat”, the reply was something like, “Dog is a real delicacy,” causing the no-doubt middle-aged person asking to nearly faint, and those of us hearing the story, whether Asian or not, to laugh uproariously at the thought of this person imagining “Fido” being served for dinner.

  • Hi Lighter

    @B: Your response to Fashion Finder clearly indicates that you don’t go to a straight gym. You failed to make a redeeming point.

  • B

    No. 34 · Hi Lighterwrote, “@B: Your response to Fashion Finder clearly indicates that you don’t go to a straight gym. You failed to make a redeeming point.”

    It is a straight gym, though. It specializes in a specific activity but also has the usual weights and yoga classes, and there are only a handful of gyms that provide the necessary facilities for that activity, so of course it is demographically a straight gym. Basically, if you want to do X, and there’s only one gym in the area that provides X, you are going to go to that gym whether you are gay or straight. Since in this case X is not any more popular among gays than straights, and since most people in the area are straight, the gym has to be a “straight” gym, with “straight” merely being a description of the demographics of a large fraction of its customers/members.

    What you failed to realize is that Silicon Valley is not typical of most of the U.S. It’s far more tolerant, partly because of its cultural diversity but also because of the generally high level of education needed to work here.

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