Dharun Ravi Faces Possibility Of More Jail Time In Tyler Clementi Bias-Intimidation Case

With just two weeks left to jury selection, Judge Glenn Berman has discovered an error in one of the prosecution’s charges against Dharun Rhavi, the college student accused of harassing Tyler Clementi.

Among the charges against him, Ravi stands accused of hindering an investigation. But the complaint lists the crime as a third-degree offense, when in actuality it’s a second-degree crime.

Second-degree crimes generally lead to jail time, while third-degree offenses generally lead to suspended sentences. Posecutors file motions to fix the mistake, but Judge Berman hasn’t said he’ll accept the change.

“I’m not sure it’s fair to make Mr. Ravi pay for a mistake that I caught,” Judge Berman said, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

C’mon, this isn’t like when Dunkin’ Donuts give you your coffee for free because they forgot the receipt!

Ravi is currently fighting a 15-count indictment of bias intimidation and spying on Clementi while he was being intimate with another male student. The two main second-degree counts of bias intimidation are the most serious charges—each could mean 10 years in prison.

Berman also caught two mistakes in charges that were classified as third-degree instead of fourth-degree but neither  has implications for jail time.

And one final twist: break out the popcorn and tissues, because the trial could be televised.