Dharun Ravi Pleads “Not Guilty” To 15 Charges In Clementi Bullying Case

Tyler Clementi’s accused tormentor Dharun Ravi plead “not guilty” to 15 charges related to the apparent bullying suicide of fellow Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi. As you may know, Ravi allegedly set up a hidden camera in Clementi’s room to broadcast video of Clementi making out with a dude. Sometime after the alleged broadcast, Clementi jumped to his death off the George Washington Bridge.

It’s still not clear how much action Ravi actually saw or how many folks tuned into Ravi’s broadcast (something that may dampen the prosecution). But now that his best friend Molly Wei has copped a plea to testify against him, Ravi’s facing the possibility of 10 years or more in a state pen aline as one of the first major cyber-bullying cases in America. Facts arising in the case could very well help to create cyber-bullying legislation and help educate and discourage kids from acting like a digital dillhole.