Diane From HR Is Going To Flip Out When She Discovers These Gay Office Romances

“Office” and “romance” are two words that when combined make any HR representative flinch and/or cringe (Diane, for instance).

But falling for someone you work with is pretty inevitable — you spend (way too much) time with your colleagues, and try as we might, it’s nearly impossible to stop that rush of excitement you get around a crush once it starts brewing.

Equally inevitable is an office romance crashing and burning. Casualties are to be expected.

So why are they such a good fantasy?

We wanted to hear from guys in various forms of workplace passion, so we asked Whisper to see what they could track down in the ‘ole filing cabinet.

Here’s what they found:

I'm gay and the biggest womanizer at the office asked me to have sex  with him and keep it  a secret.

I fantasise about the other gay guy in my office but he's in love with somebody else!

My coworker just came out to me and said he wanted me to be his  first gay experience.  I'm considering it.

I fantasize about having sex in my office on a regular basis. Too bad none of the gay guys I work with are hot...

I'm in love with my boss even though I'm gay and have a boyfriend and  he's a straight married  man with a kid. He told  me he had curious moments so it makes  it worse. ugh!!

I'm gay. My gay coworker and I are both partnered. And we're having an affair with each other. We're in love with each other. But I still love my partner.

I keep overhearing my coworker telling her  friend that her boyfriend of 4 years never gives  her any. She doesn't know he's gay and it's probably because he's getting it from me.

My coworker and I made out and all he has done today is send me multiple texts explaining to me that he is not gay whatsoever.

I have a crush on this guy at work. Everyone knows he's gay but because my boss knows my mother,  I can't come out at  the office.

I think I'm falling for my coworker. I know he's gay but I'm still in the closet...should I just tell him?

I'm a gay dude who's got  a crush on another gay dude. Downside is he's a coworker and I know he wouldn't do anything  with me. Please quit  your job so I can  forget about you.

I slept with my boss  in his office. I'm a gay guy and he's married to the female president of the  company. Oops.

Just had awesome sex  with a coworker in the supply closet during an office party. Had no  idea he was gay too

My straight coworker always acts gay towards me in a joke type way, but I wish it was real sometimes

I have a coworker who says he isn't gay but flirts with me all the time and calls me bae... I'm a gay  male and it gets confusing because I have a crush  on him...

I hate being one of the few gay guys at work. I'd sleep with most of the guys in this office if they were into guys

I sexually harass my boss nearly every day. He thinks it's a joke because I'm a guy. If he ever figures out I'm gay I am so fired.

I'm gay and in love with  my boss at work but  he's married. He still flirts with me either way but I'm obsessed!