'Glitter And Be Gay,' Indeed!

Dick Cavett Negotiating For Dick?

Emmy-winning talk show host Dick Cavett has left quite a mark on American culture. And this may be the biggest.

An anonymous reader sent us what appears to be footage of the funny man soliciting another man for sex. It sounds unbelievable, right? Right.

The video starts off with “Cavett” confessing his attraction to his dining partner, who remains off camera. “I’ve really got to tell you… I find you very attractive. I hope it isn’t out of place for me to say this to you, but I really would like to see you naked.”

Cavett then launches into his carnal menu, which really does have something for everyman: “Show me your penis? $100. Tweak my nipples? $200.” At this point the man asks for clarification, to which Cavett offers some clever hand motions before continuing, “Smack my fanny? $300. Now, listen, I can either wear pants or I can go bare bottom, it’s your choice.* Lastly, I go down on you: $1000.” Cavett’s face falls into an expectant grimace and the tape cuts out.

We attempted to get in touch with Cavett, but to no avail. If anyone wants to shed some light on this queer mystery, we’re all ears.

At this point there’s an audible sigh of shocked repulsion.