For The Publicist Told Them So

Dicky, Chrissy Come Out For Gays

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer sat down with former Senator Dick Gephardt and lesbian daughter Chrissy to discuss Ms. Gephardt’s new film, For The Bible Tells Me So. A look into the warped world of anti-gay bigots, the film specifically examines misinterpretations of the Bible.

When asked why he got involved in the movie, former Senator Gephardt said, We’ve always been very open about this fact with Chrissy…so when we were approached by the producer and director of this film, we thought we could help others.” And, also, he didn’t have a job. Of his political career, Wolf wonders, did Gephardt ever worry about political backlash. Answer: no way, Wolfie! “I never cared aboiut what people in my district or people generally think about me because of my family,” said Gephardt, “I love my kids, I will love them unconditionally. That doesn’t compute for me. So he is a robot!