Did a HIV-Positive Roberto Alomar Put His Ex-Girlfriend at Risk for AIDS?


“I am in very good health,” says former Met and Blue Jays second baseman Roberto Alomar. Interesting words coming from a man who was just slapped with a $15 million lawsuit by his ex-girlfriend that claims he had unprotected sex with her while infected with AIDS.

Alomar, seen here in April, is calling bullshit on the legal filing from ex Ilya Dall. “It is filled with lies, and I am deeply saddened that someone I care for would make such terrible accusations and try to hurt me in this way,” he said in a statement. “I am in very good health and I ask that you respect my privacy during this time.”

The pair met in 2002, and began having unprotected sex shortly thereafter, according to Dall’s lawsuit. Dall claims Alomar told her he was disease-free during their relationship. Except he also said he was raped at age 17 by two men while playing baseball, and only agreed to take a HIV test in in early 2006, which came back positive, according to the lawsuit. But Alomar maintains his health, and in the court of public opinion, he may be winning due to physical appearance alone. Reports the Toronto Star:

Recent photos of Alomar show him to be presumably healthy. Shortly after his alleged breakup with Dall last October, reports in the Puerto Rican media linked him romantically with a high-profile model there, Maripily Rivera, described by some as that island’s equivalent of Paris Hilton. The pair, according to sources in Puerto Rico, went to Miami earlier this week.

Or not. The Post:

Earlier yesterday, Alomar flew to New York – looking thin and accompanied by a beautiful woman – to huddle with lawyers about the bombshell suit.

And then there are the details:

In the lawsuit, she says she had herself tested for HIV and was negative.

Her relationship with Alomar began in 2002, according to the suit. Alomar retired in the spring of 2005 while with Tampa Bay. Around that time, the court papers allege, Alomar told his girlfriend he “was raped by two Mexican men after playing a ball game in New Mexico or a southwestern state, when he was 17 years of age.”

The court papers say the couple started having unprotected sex, Alomar assuring Dall he was disease free, shortly after meeting in 2002.

In 2004, she alleges he had cold sores in his mouth, and in 2005, she claims he was diagnosed with a blood disorder sometimes linked to HIV.

When told he should take an HIV test, the suit says, Alomar refused.

And certainly worth noting: After Alomar tested positive for HIV in 2006, Dall continued to have protected sex with him.

Lots of he-said-she-said going on, and plenty of blame throwing. And if Alomar intentionally lied to Dall about his HIV status, shame on him. (Seriously, shame — and prison time?) But consensual unprotected sex is always a two-person (sometimes more!) decision. If you care enough about your health — so much so that you’re willing to sue over it even though you didn’t get infected — then don’t take the condom off until you’ve got a print out of your partner’s HIV results. No matter how in love you are. No matter how much you trust the person.

Sound unreasonable? Then keep playing Russian Roulette, and suffer the consequences.