Did A Texas Presbyterian Minister Rejecting Gay Ordination Have The Buttsecks?

Just because the Presbies voted to ordain sexy gay ministers doesn’t mean that every pastor has joined the love parade. Take the Senior Pastor Ronald Scates of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas. His church issued a letter to its 5,000 members saying, “While this change is deeply troubling, it does not change (Highland Park church). We have the freedom and the responsibility to continue upholding biblical standards for church officers.” But do those congregants know that their resilient pastor was once “taken into the world of homosexual sex and [has] witnessed the self-destructiveness that is rampant whenever we use our bodies contrary to the way God has made us”? And what does that even mean?

If you read all of Scates’ weird 2008 letter to The Dallas Voice, you realize that the man should hawk ex-gay summer camps for Exodus International: “There is a way out … a way back toward the center of God’s will … both for you and for me (because we’re both in the same sinful boat).” Umm… Ronnie, your church just decided that the way back toward God’s will is in that hell-bound sin-boat called the U.S.S. Buttsecks. Don’t resist… God hates a tease.