Did Accused Cannibal Killer Luka Magnotta Chop Someone Up In L.A.?

With accused murderer-necrophiliac-cannibal Luka Magnotta now in custody in Berlin, police in Canada are investigating his possible connection to a gruesome death and dismemberment in Los Angeles, reports MSNBC.

A former gay-porn actor, Magnotta is believed to have lived in L.A. at one point, making him a suspect in the death of gay airline worker Hervey Medellin, 66, whose body was found near the Hollywood sign in January. (Medellin’s hands and feet were cut off and his severed head was discovered in a nearby plastic bag.)

“The body parts are the common denominator here,” Los Angeles police spokesman Officer Lyle Knight said, according to the Toronto Star. “That’s why our investigators want to talk to the Canadians. We want to know if his whereabouts included Hollywood because we understand he was in the acting field and Hollywood being the acting and movie mecca, we want to know.”

Well, we wouldn’t exactly call mutilating a corpse and then defiling it “acting.”

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  • Will

    Probably he’s a psychopath and I’ve heard people like him rarely kill just one person. The police in L.A. and Canada will figure it out soon enough.

  • Bailey

    He is innocent! He’ll have his day in court and be vindicated of all charges.

  • B

    No. 2 · Bailey wrote, “He is innocent! He’ll have his day in court and be vindicated of all charges.”

    It will be interesting to see how he or his attorney explains away the video he allegedly made of him committing the crime! “Oh, it’s all just special effects and CGI.” Of course then we have to throw in a CIA plot as only a large government organization with a very large budget could afford to make a realistic fake.

  • Chad

    LMAO Bailey, stop trolling. You just want him to be innocent since you find him to be “hot” even though he’s a total psychopath.

    He made a video of himself killing that Chinese lover of his and having his dog eat it and he had sex with the dead body! No I did not watch the video but other people have and they wrote about it.

  • Kev C

    I would say No. He has no problem taking credit and infamy for the video killing, so why not the Hollywood sign killing? And his acting career is mostly a lie. The LA police are just desperate for a suspect.

  • nineinchnail

    A very disturbed young man indeed.

  • Jeremy

    While I’m absolutely disgusted by Luka Magnotta, I shared my deep condolences for Lin Jun. He seems like a sweet, nice guy who came from China to Canada to have the life as an out gay man, but unfortunately fell in love to such monster and received such painful death at the end. May the next life of his will be better.

  • Nice


    Nice comment, very well said.

  • Ryan

    I feel sorry for that jury, having to watch a video like that as evidence.

  • JayUVA

    Maybe defense atty will try diminished capacity, but even that isn’t likely to work because he fled the country to avoid arrest, disposed of the body/mailed parts, indicating he knew what he did was quite wrong. Heck he recorded the killing, then uploaded it to the internet – was he proud of it? Why run? Maybe he was like Leopold and Loeb, two guys back in the 1920s that killed a local boy just to see if they could outwit the cops. They couldn’t.

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