no fair

Did AT&T Help Kris Allen Win American Idol?


As an official sponsor, you would think AT&T might avoid any conflicts of interest and just be happy that its brand gets plugged ever four minutes on the show. But that wasn’t the case: The wireless carrier provided free AT&T phones (the only cell phones that can be used to text in votes to the show) at fan-organized parties for Kris Allen so attendees could shoot off votes for the now-winner. Not only that, but AT&T representatives showed party-goers how to send “power texts” (10+ messages at once) to mass vote for Allen, despite Idol‘s own rules prohibiting block votes. Meanwhile, nothing similar was done for Adam Lambert. So could a few AT&T phones at just a couple of pro-Allen parties have swayed the end result? Not likely, since the margin between the two contestants was likely at least a few hundred thousand, if not a few million. But it’s already getting AT&T in trouble with Lambert fans, who are shouting “no fair” on all the message boards. Uh oh. Are we looking at a boycott of AT&T for being anti-gay? Quick, toss your iPhone down the gutter and let the conspiracy theories commence!