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Did Australian Lawmaker David Campbell Deserve to Be Outed?

Not everybody is so thrilled David Campbell, the Australian lawmaker and transport minister, was videotaped leaving a gay sex club after spending two hours inside doing who knows what. Namely, the upset parties include Campbell’s family and, of course, gay activists!

Australian Marriage Equality’s Alex Greenwich says the videotaped footage broadcast on Aussie television news programs amounted to a “gay witch hunt: “Whether he is gay, bi, curious or confused we need to appreciate that anyone of his generation grew up in a very homophobic Australia, both in terms of social attitudes and laws. Any gay person knows how hard it still is to come out. This man has dedicated much of his life to public service, and without any understanding of the psychological issues associated with someone of his generation being able to be comfortable with his sexuality, he is being condemned by the media for walking down the stairs of a gay establishment.”

It sounds a bit like that now-dead Indian professor who was videotaped having sex with another man — for the sole purpose of bringing down his career, an act that was widely condemned.

The litmus test for outing politicians that we’re comfortable with comes down to whether these folks are voting against the gays. Was Campbell? Though he’s been described as a “family values” politico, we’ve yet to see reports that he voted against LGBT equality legislation. Even our Googling turned up little. Any help?