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Did Bradley Manning Need More Than Lady Gaga’s Help to Leak Classified Afghanistan Documents?

Army Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, the possibly trans suspect in all those leaked military documents, allegedly had help in sneaking out all those files on a Lady Gaga CD.

And it was a civilian! MSNBC reports:

A military official, who was not identified, acknowledged to the Times on Friday that Army investigators were looking into whether Manning physically handed compact discs containing classified information to someone in the U.S. Manning, an intelligence analyst who was deployed over the past year in Iraq with the 2nd Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division at a remote base east of Baghdad, visited friends in Boston during a home leave in January, the Times reported.

We suspect it was trans vlogger Zinnia Jones! She’s made no secret of her Internet contact with Manning, and we know she has problems with authority. Look at her trying to battle with the rational minds of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Okay fine, investigators aren’t looking really into Manning’s relationship with Jones.

Adrian Lamo, the Sacramento, Calif.-based computer hacker who turned in Bradley to military authorities in May, claimed in a telephone interview Saturday he had firsthand knowledge that someone helped Manning set up encryption software to send classified information to WikiLeaks. Lamo, who’s cooperating with investigators, wouldn’t name the person but said the man was among a group of people in the Boston area who work with WikiLeaks. He said the man told him “he actually helped Private Manning set up the encryption software he used.”

Which is probably of the same caliber as the encryption software the military employed to keep these documents from escaping.