Did Bristol Palin Diss Obama’s Marriage Statement To Promote Her New Reality Show?

Traditional-values poster child Harvey’s Bristol Palin took a swipe at President Obama this week for admitting his evolution on marriage equality was influenced by his daughters. (Bristol only takes stock-market advice from her poop monster, Tripp.)

But was Palin speaking from the heart, y’all—or trying to get her name back in the papers just in time for her new reality TV show, coming to Lifetime Television later this year?

The Television for Women channel announced back in February it had picked up a new 10-episode documentary series (snicker) about the Dancing with the Stars contestant called Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp: “From the first moment she was thrust into the public eye, Bristol and her son have been the subjects of a huge amount of curiosity and misunderstanding,” said Lifetime veep Rob Sharenow. “This show will reveal the real Bristol Palin and her journey as a daughter, mother and a young woman making her way in the world.”

If it opens with her tossing her beret in the air, a la Mary Tyler Moore, we will ralph all over our flat-screen. Honestly, we’d rather watch a series about Levi Johnston, even if he kept his clothes on the whole time.

Of course, this is the girl who, after getting knocked up out of wedlock as a teenager, became an advocate for abstinence-only education. And the girl who, before dissing Glee, appeared on the similarly themed Secret Life of an American Teenager.

Given Bristol’s Bizzaro world approach to life, we could see her raising Tripp with a lesbian spouse by Christmas.

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  • Mark

    No self respecting lesbian would go near this pathetic excuse for a person.

  • wayne

    Wait. I thought the point of Secret Life of an American Teenager was to glamorize teen pregnancy. Every commercial I’ve seen for that show has a couple of hot guys mooning over some pregnant girl. It’s so fucked up.

  • Cam

    I won’t be watching Lifetime.

  • Joe dalmas

    What an imbecil. Republicans love to connect things that have nothing to do with each other to make their point.

  • Polyboy

    Her new show is called D.a.B.s.?

  • jackpapa

    Why does a professional *place vulgarism for female genitalia here* like this get air time?

  • RayJacksonMS

    Well at least the Obama’s make their bad decisions around the diner table and not face down in the dirt while drunk huh Bristol?

  • Ty

    When will these Republican women realize that “fag hag” is the way to go if you want a following. Women who hate gays are the lowest form of scum. Men have to deal with that BS machismo stuff they’re programmed with as soon as they’re born, but women have been our allies for years. You would think people like Bristol would look at people like Lady Gaga and see the way the gay community creams over her and would want a piece of that fanbase for herself. McCain’s daughter is a Republican and only a few years older than Bristol yet she is a friend to the gays.

  • B

    Bristol Palin’s remarks just go to show what some of us already suspected: idiocy not only runs in that family, it practically gallops.

    The airhead claimed, “The President made a massive change in a policy position that could affect the entire nation,” without realizing that all the president can do in this case is to express an opinion. He can’t repeal DOMA (that’s up to congress), and marriage in general has been a state issue and Obama did not propose to change that. The airhead also claimed that Obama listened to his daughters without mentioning that he talked about the impact of restrictions on same-sex marriage on some of his staff and their families.

  • Larry

    is that really a question…the palins are second only to the kardashians in the publicity whore dept…the real question is why does anyone care what the HS dropout hypocrite has to say about family values


    How amusing, parenting advise from a Palin.

  • Geoff B

    They should call it “Real Dumbfuck of Alaska”.

  • w.e.

    I was neutral on her until now. It’s war, bitch.

  • Homomofo

    Lifetime you just made my list *shakes fist angrily* How dare you give that twit airtime!

  • hassia

    Ms Palin like her mother would hitch a ride with Hitler just to be in the media.

  • Doe

    if she did so what, it’s not like the gays don’t politicize issues to promote their agenda.

  • Belize

    @Doe: They do. The only difference is, their agenda are usually not this dumb. Plain and simple.

  • Belize

    @Doe: *agendas

  • Spike

    She sure did, and the media, including QUEERTY, ate it up! Fools.

  • Mike

    I, for one, can’t WAIT for this to air; nothing will be more entertaining than cameras documenting the living hypocrisy of a single mother raising her bastard child who has recently denounced gay marriage in favor of a 2-parent mother/father household. My “GCB” void has now been filled. What a tripp.

  • Oh, ok

    @Mike: You’re filling GCB’s spot with her?! YOU MONSTER!!

  • Mike

    @Oh, ok: same premise, really…right wing, gun-toting, homophobic religious fanatics hiding behing a bible… the only real difference is that GCB is trying to make us laugh and Bristol Palins doesn’t realize we’re laughing at her.

  • Sam

    shouldnt the article put this woman in place? Why does Queerty have such a soft heart for white homophobes and offer excuses such as she was only trying to promote her new reality show.

    Imagine if a black star had said something similar. Wouldnt this magazine have gone crazy calling them all manner of names including homophobic .

    Time and again, Queerty proves that it is free of an angenda except the gay white one

  • Darklady

    Bristol isn’t writing anything. Her ghostwriter, Nancy French is the current tool of the Palins.

    The blog is supposed to be about Bristol’s life with Tripp (in prep of her next maybe gonna happen reality show based on cashing in on her kid), but she talks politics nearly every update. I have a hard time believing that Bristol much gives a damn about politics beyond how it can earn her mom more fame and fortune.

    Notice, btw, that her blogs often include praise of her mother. High praise. Political praise.

    Tripp? She mentions him once in a while, just to keep up the facade that Bristol’s in any way involved with her blog.

    That boy is gonna grow up with a very weird perspective on life.

  • Darklady

    @B: Classy move on Bristol/Nancy French’s part, dragging in the Obama girls so she can insult both of them *and* their dad. I can’t wait for the next time one of the Palins snivel about how mean everyone is to their sweet kids and how there’s nothing but liberal hate being directed at Trig.

    BWT — Anyone seen Trig since his so-called mom was waving him around nearly naked in the winter air? I guess he’s not as cuddly a political prop as he used to be. He’s a symbol now, so I suspect his mundane reality isn’t so important to Sarah these days.

  • Oh, ok

    @Mike: Just found out GCB was cancelled. :(

  • T

    If maybe, just maybe, enough ppl don’t watch, this “show”, it will get cancelled (as so many other shows deserve). Can’t tell you how tired I am of non-talented idiots getting paid to clog the airwaves. Proof positive why it doesn’t pay to watch anything on tv.

  • JB

    From an episode of Family Guy: “Lifetime, television for idiots”

  • EJ

    Oh really then I will not be watching Lifetime anymore. I think we should start a movement to boycott this not-reality show. If it were truly a real life reality show about an unwed teen mom with no education, we’d be seeing her in a trailer park and buying groceries with an EBT card. Instead, she lives in a big house from money she got for selling a book about not spreading your legs that she probably didn’t even write. My question to Lifetime is: Why glorify teen moms from famous families who make absolutely no effort to get educated? It makes girls think life will be easy when they get pregnant at 17. Please, it’s usually a lifetime of poverty. A reality show about a young mom going to college to make a better life would be more in keeping with what Lifetime supposedly stands for–Bristol and all her self-righteous splendor is not it.

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