Did Bruno Mars Come Out As Gay On April Fools’ Day?

According to a citizen-journalism-style CNN iReport from last night that has now been deleted, Bruno Mars just came out of the closet.

A second outlet played up the rumor, and quoted him as going on a small Chicago radio station on April Fool’s Day to say the following:

“The timing is bad. I hadn’t realized it was April Fool’s Day, but it’s been pointed out to me, and I don’t want to go too public with this.”

GossipCop quickly shot down the rumor, getting a quote from Mars’ rep saying the rumors are “completely fabricated” and “false.”

Now, it’s a publicist’s job to protect the privacy of their clients, as well as to keep Hollywood and music-industry types solidly in the closet (when they want to be)—so it’s totally possible Bruno’s still gay as Rock Hudson.

What’s your gaydar say about Mars: flaming grenade or, is straight just the way he is?

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  • Lumi Bast (@nugoyxi)

    It was a rumor started by THAT online message board (you people who visit it would know what I’m talking about).

    The person who got the last three numbers on their post as the same numbers got to choose what celebrity they’d bomb videos, threads, etc. about coming out and the winner chose him.

  • jason

    Regardless of Bruno’s sexuality, the whole thing is symptomatic of how homophobic the music industry is when it comes to male-male sexuality in particular. Note how the rumor had to be “shot down” as if, somehow, it’s an evil thing that needs to be destroyed.

    The music industry is extremely homophobic towards the concept of male-male sexuality. It’s probably as homophobic as the Christian Right.

  • adam

    I agree that the music biz is very homophobic towards men. It also seems to be more homophobic towards men than women. A woman like Katy Perry sang I Kissed A Girl, which was played all over the radio and went to number 1. Now, imagine if a man sange I Kissed A Boy. Would he get airplay? Would he go to number 1?

    I truly doubt it.

  • Lumi Bast (@nugoyxi)


    I guess you’ll have to do some research. It’s against the code on any sites to tell.

  • R.D.

    All the rumors are completely false. There was no interview, and Bruno Mars didn’t even do an interview in the past week. The rumors were started by 4CHAN which is an internet trolling site, and they have planned this whole thing out. Here is a snapshot of their message board describing their ‘operation’:

    There are about 450 members and they are all trying to spread the rumors around (and they’ve been quite successful in doing so!). Bruno is not gay. He actually has a long term girlfriend Jessica Caban. He didn’t call up any radio station. His rep has even confirmed that the whole story is completely fabricated and false. It’s funny how people believe everything they hear! -__-

  • Nina

    @Evan Mulvihill: 4chan, you don’t even need to do much research to work that out! Most people on twitter have figured that out already!

  • phil

    who’s bruno mars??

  • mattsy

    he sets my gaydar off

  • Jeff

    MMMM he’s so dreamy

  • NateB79

    @phil: I second that. Never heard of the dude.

  • nikko

    @adam: Well ain’t THAT the truth!!! Pathetic, hypocrite public..aka straight men

  • nikko

    @NateB79: uh, look him up, no? Duh!

  • Bob

    Thought I was the only one who never heard of him…

  • Michael

    He’s about as gay as they come. It’s pathetic listening to his song, where he’s obviously ‘gay gay gay’ yet he’s singing to some woman…


  • DenverBarbie

    He’s worked with Janelle Monae.
    I’m convinced that the both of them at least play both ways.

  • Nina

    @Michael: Just because he doesn’t sing about having hundreds of hoes around him, it doesn’t mean he’s gay. People only believe what they want to hear. He has a long-term girlfriend (Jessica Caban). And anyway, why is America obsessed with celebrities’ sexual orientation?! It’s 2012 ffs. The same thing happened to hundreds of other singers, e.g. MJ (R.I.P) and Prince. No wonder so many celebs end up in rehab!!!

  • Nina

    @DenverBarbie: He’s also worked with so many other artists from Atlantic Records (the label he’s signed to), e.g. B.O.B, Wiz Khalifa, Cee-Lo, etc. Record labels always make their artists collaborate with each other, as their label will then end up getting more money (that’s how businesses work!). Anyone guy who’s not an alpha-male, or any girl who doesn’t strut around half naked on stage must be homosexual in your eyes- sad.

  • Riker

    @R.D.: Erm, you do know that’s not actually a snapshot, right? Somebody typed that up in Notepad. Moreover, 4chan has lots more than 450 members, more like 9000+

    Also, rules 1 and 2. Follow them.

  • DenverBarbie

    @Nina: What’s “sad” about being a “homosexual”? I think it’s a mighty compliment, and Miss Monae has said something similar.
    “Damage” control industry rep troll- sad.

  • Wha'ever

    It’s a little annoying that EVERY single male actor/singer/anything is always gay to some people. You know, people are more likely to be straight than gay ! Saying stuff like “he’s obviously gay” when there is NO evidence anywhere just makes you look like horny teenagers who need everyone to know who you fantasize about.
    Anyway, I for one don’t really find Bruno Mars attractive so I wouldn’t care either way, but those who need every male star to be a closeted homosexual annoy me to no end.

  • jason

    Most men are bisexually oriented. They’re just too afraid to admit it.

    The music industry is based on the marketing of heterosexuality by men. Male singers must refer to their heterosexuality in their lyrics. It’s all about promoting heterosexual male fantasy for the purpose of making money.

    Nothing will change, unfortunately. We gay/bi men are too content with female singers who fake their support for gay rights. It diverts our energies away from fighting the real problem – the entrenched homophobia in the music industry towards men.

    We have also – in the name of political correctness – allowed blacks to dominate the music scene with their very out-dated and sexist and homophobic views.

  • Nina

    @DenverBarbie: There’s nothing sad about being homosexual. I have many gay friends, and I love them dearly. However, it’s silly how anyone who isn’t an alpha-male or a women who struts around half naked, is regarded as gay. If Janelle Monae is gay/bi, that’s great, but spreading false rumors is not (I apologise if my last post sounded offensive in any way). Like I said before, why is America obsessed with celebrities’ sexual orientation?! It’s 2012, not the bloomin Stone Age! And lol I’m not a troll! I actually have tonnes of work to do, any I’m doing everything I can to put it off :D

  • Larry

    he is adorable and has an incredible sense of style.
    I find it weird when people like phil, nateb and bob feel a need to inform the world of their ignorance??? like when people post a question and some will answer that they do not know????

  • Amalia Rosas

    @R.D.: uh Jessica Cabanna already has a bf, her and Bruno are just friends.

  • Amalia Rosas

    @Nina: Jessica is already dating a soccer player from LA.

  • Nina

    @Amalia Rosas: I think the soccer player was her ex, cos her and Bruno have been spotted in Broadway theatre about a month ago, in a few clubs/bars; and 2 weeks ago she was with him in the Playboy Mansion concert (so were many other celebs btw). And I’m pretty sure they were dating last year as well, but they’ve been trying hide it cos she got scared of death threats from some of his annoying fans lol…but you could also be right :)

  • Barca

    I live in Hollywood and he is definitely gay (or at least bi, but I’d say gay). Why he would still hide it in today’s age is surprising. A good friend of mine worked with him in the studio on a few tracks. She told me, first hand, that when they left the studio he proceeded to kiss his boyfriend in the parking structure. Quiet obvious, she mentioned, that they were dating. While watching Grammy’s it was also pretty obvious that his boyfriend was in the audience, every time the camera panned back to Mars’ empty seat while he performed there was his boyfriend (obviously gay) sitting right next to the empty seat. Rumors of sexual trusts in Hollywood usually have some validity in them…

  • Nina

    @Barca: People are not stupid. Homosexuality should not be hidden, but I very much doubt that what you’re saying is true. I have actually seen you post in other news articles concerning this matter, and so it’s safe to say that you’re one of the trolls from THAT site. There was no empty seat, and the camera was on Bruno Mars & his band throughout the whole performance. If you want to troll, learn to troll properly (you could have at least watched his Grammy performance on YouTube first to check!). If he’s gay, that’s completely fine, but I personally don’t believe that it’s right to spread false rumours (regardless of whether they have a positive or a negative effect).

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    The woman I get coffee from at Starbucks has a friend whose maid lives next door to the guy that cuts the lawn at the house next to Bruno’s. She said her friend was told by the maid that the guy who cuts the grass overheard the Bruno’s neighbor talking about how Bruno threw a bunch of old Abercrombie and Fitch catalogs in the recycle bin and when a racoon tipped it over, the A&F catalogs went everywhere, so yeah, Bruno Mars is definitely gay.

  • Sarah

    I’m sick of people calling Bruno and many other singers gay. Just because you’re not into Bruno’s music (because you like gangsta songs about sex, drugs & alcohol or whatever) doesn’t give you the right to bash him by calling him gay. In fact, this “gay” term is overused. It seems like the only vocabulary that you dumb trolls know is “gay, gay, GAY.” Don’t you have better things to say? I’m confident that Bruno is not gay. If he is, so what? He’s a very talented singer,musician, songwriter and performer and that’s the most important thing in the music industry. If you can’t appreciate his talent, too bad.

  • Nikko

    I truly agree with you!! Just compare Adam Lambert’s kiss at AMA and Britney and Madonna’s kiss.. The girls kiss got a big hurrah and Adam’s got a big Boo!!

  • Barca

    @Nina: Nina, I am no troll…what else have I posted that has indicated I am. I’m a gay married man living in Los Angeles. Maybe it wasn’t his performance, but I distinctly remember when he was up on stage there was a camera shot back to his empty seat and the guy next to him clearly was his boyfriend. His performance was too high energy (I actually think he’s a great singer/performer, love his songs), but it was when the audience was calm enough that they would aim a camera back at his empty seat.

    Please grow a pair when trying to slander someone with false accusations about being a troll. My friends and I joke all the time about how many people in the industry are gay/bi in their personal lives but claim to be straight or deny their true self in public. Live in Hollywood for just a few days and the names start flying around…and every single one of them you hear WILL become true. I’ve been here 10 years, and trust, my husband and all our very close friends are in the industry, they all know from first hand accounts the private details of so many celebs. From my sister smoking pot with Ms. Spears when she first became popular to Bruno making out with boyfriend to any other celebrity.

    The more celebrities come out of the closet for middle america to know about the better off and more inclusive our world will be. It’s not for my own self worth that I think they should have a People magazine cover with “I’m Gay”, and what they do in their bedroom is their own business, but when you become a public figure and you are gay it’s a great opportunity to open the minds and hearts of your fans and make this world a better place.

  • Barca

    @Nina: And for that matter, when did I call anyone stupid? Putting words into my mouth eh?

  • Barca

    @Sarah: Sarah, you’re right, Bruno is VERY talented. I love his music, own his album, and hope he’ll be around for a while. What I find interesting about your comment is that you say you’re confident he isn’t but then in the next sentence say “if he is, so what?” Not so confident then are you? At what confidence level do you go about the world because there is certainly some doubt in your mind there. Again Bruno is very talented, and I hate music about shooting up/gangs/sex whatever like you state.

    Also there is a difference between saying “Bruno is so gay” and “Bruno is gay”. The latter can be derogatory as it implies there are some traits that he has that are looked upon less than any average person, the former is stating a fact. It’s all in how you use the word

  • Nina

    @Barca: Firstly, not all the Grammys that Bruno was nominated for was for a ‘solo effort’, if that makes sense. He’s part of a production group, which was nominated for Grammys as well, and the people he was sitting next to were members of the group (who are married and have children of their own). Just like how members of a band sit next to each other (or how Eminem, random example lol, sits next to his band-mates/rappers). Their partners also attended the show, and so did Bruno’s family & friends, and they sat elsewhere (there were photos of all of them in their after-party).

    Secondly, “every single one of them you hear WILL become true” <– this statement is completely false. Nearly every male celebrity, at some point of their career, is rumored to be gay. You just need to type 'a certain male celeb gay' in the google search, and there will be at least one site/link about this. There were rumors that Sting was gay, for example, but he isn't. However, in Bruno's case, an internet forum called 4chan decided to have a competition "where the winner got to choose what celebrity they outed by spreading the rumor, and the winner chose him." (-4chan member). There were about 800-1000 trolls, and they all decided to tweet #supportbruno so that it would trend on twitter, and they also fabricated user-generated articles, such as the CNN iReport blog. This pic is a little blurry, but this snapshot of their 'operation' also started to circulate: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1v8f9bvUR1r5sm5mo1_500.png
    There was no interview- Bruno Mars didn't do a single interview in the past week (he was in New York rehearsing for The Rainforest Fund Concert). 4chan purposely chose to start the rumor on April Fools Day, because they knew that he would get stick for addressing an important issue on that particular day. It was very cleverly planned out! He actually has a long term girlfriend (Jessica Caban), but they have been trying to keep their relationship quiet, as she has received death threats from his fans- http://shaystar.com/industry-dirt/bruno-mars-death-threats-dont-stop/
    He has previously dated Chanel, & Rita Ora before he hit the big time. If Bruno is gay, that's great, but I don't agree with interfering with one's private life just because they're in the public eye; and I personally don’t believe that it’s right to spread false rumours about anyone (regardless of whether they have a positive or a negative effect). Frankly, it's none of our business. He's getting more successful everyday (it's funny how there were no rumors about him in his 2010' "Nothin on You" & "Billionaire" days), and so prepare to hear more rumors about him in the future, as that's the price of fame.

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