stating the obvious

Did Chelsea Handler Make Chris Colfer Come Out for the Last Time?

Glee‘s high-voiced actor Chris Colfer was, at one point, publicly out. Then he went back in the closet, or at least shut the door most of the way. But on last night’s Chelsea Lately, the foul-mouthed chat host called him out on the obvious.

Whatever Colfer’s reasons for playing a ridiculous guessing game in the press, Chelsea Handler put that to an end. Not in a mean way, but as a matter of fact way: “Your character is gay, and we know you’re gay. … Don’t be shy about that.” Colfer said “Yes.”

And this is why we like Ms. Handler.

But it’s not like Colfer is naive: “Prior to coming out, that I was as straight as every other actor in Hollywood.” L-oh-fucking-L.