Did Cher Really Praise Anti-Gay Minister Joel Osteen On Twitter?

Cher‘s long been a fierce and verbose, if not extremely articulate, Twitter star: She’s taken to the micro-blog tool to root on her son Chaz, knock Republican hopeful Mitt Romney and share her opinion on a million other topics.

But now the queen has confused her subjects with a recent tweet praising super-minister Joel Osteen, who has criticized homosexuals as “not God’s best work” and compared taming same-sex urges to anger management.

After buying Osteen’s most recent book, Cher, who has more than 700,000 followers on the site, tweeted:

“I love Joel Osteen, hes example of Christian!He makes Every1 feel welcome 2 his church no matter who they R!1st book like this I ever bought.

“I know this Sounds CRAZY Coming From ME,But he’Cool,UpBeat,wants u 2 have Fun,He’sFunny & Not Preachy! don’t care if ppl think I’m UnCool!”

When a fan reminded Cher that Osteen is “pretty uncool” about gays, the legendary diva became distraught.

“But IM NOT!Proved this my WHOLE LIFE! We have a BOND! Christians hav hard time,but WE COULD HELP CHANGE THIS.”

“In my lifetime ive seen many things change ! When i was young it was against law 2 b Gay,4 blk & white 2 mary,women 2 control their Bodies, 4 gays to get married & on & on! Chaz could be out & loved! Anything can change when we make ppl c us loving human beings!”

A fair point, but then why didn’t Cher tweet originally tweet that she thought Osteen had something good to share and that she hoped he could evolve on his position on the LGBT community?

Some have begun to question if perhaps Cher’s account has been hacked. The “Believe” singer was herself the recipient of some ugly words from someone who hacked R&B singer Chris Brown’s Twitter feed.

If it’s indeed her, Cher’s final messages, from Monday evening, seem to indicate she’s quitting Twitter:

“If u can cut me loose because i think we can change what pple believe today then my heart is broken! Maybe im naive to believe everything can change but gay pple have stayed w/me through 40 yrs when every1 else left! If i broke our bond & u hav no love 4 me anymore this is my last txt.

“U hav been my best Friends!My Heart has broken MANYx’s because ive lost 1 of U!I hav Sat w/U til last your LAST BREATH! I will ALWAYS LUV U.”

Silly Cher, that’s Whitney’s song!

But, seriously, some fans have started the hashtag #PleaseDontLeaveCher to keep her on Twitter. And we support it—after all, her feed is gold to bloggers like us.

Source: Kenneth in the 212

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