Did Chick-Fil-A Create A Fake Facebook Profile Just To Defend Against Bad PR?

Part of taking a moral stand on an issue is, y’know, being moral. But since Chick-fil-A has become embroiled in controversy over its stance against marriage equality, the fast-food chain has seemingly resorted to some not-very-Christ-like tactics.

First there was the sudden recall of Jim Henson Creature Shop toys from their kids meals after the Jim Henson Company announced it would no longer partner with the homophobic poultry purveyor. (What about all those OCD kids desperate to get the complete set?)

Now comes word that a faux Facebook profile was created to defend Chick-fil-A from the growing number of people using social media to call out the company’s bigoted ideology. Using a stock-photo image (above) and the alias “Abby Farle,” the poster wrote on comment threads to defend Chick-fil-A against various  accusations—and toss in some bible chapters, too. (See comment thread below)

Did Chick-fil-A create Farle or is she just an avatar for some Christian soldier acting on his/her own volition? We may never know—though it’d be beyond overkill for a multimillion dollar corporation to go to those kinds of lengths to refute a single Facebook comment thread. And a Chick-fil-A representative told BuzzFeed the company wasn’t involved in the subterfuge: “We have seen this and it is not true. Chick-Fil-A has not created a separate or a false Facebook account. We don’t know who created it.”

Whether sanctioned or not, whoever did it was going against the very biblical principles they’re trying to defend. But hypocrisy is par for the course with the radical right.

More recently, a profile for Ms. Farle as a public figure has appeared on Facebook. She lists as her passions “chicken and finger puppets.”

In the 50 minutes the account has been active, its gotten more than 75 “Likes.”