Did Clay Aiken’s Eponymous Charity Drop Him Too?


The bad news train just keeps on rolling for the gay American Idol runner-up who is not Adam Lambert. Having already been dropped from his label and exposed as a Lambert-hater (there is no greater crime!), Clay Aiken now finds himself even farther out in the forest: His own charity appears to have dropped him.

What was once known as The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is, moving forward, apparently renamed the National Inclusion Project. “After a downturn in contributions, the Raleigh NC based charity, made the decision to distance themselves from being so closely associated with” Aiken, says a source.

According to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s website, the charity, operating since 2004, is now named National Inclusion Project, though it still focuses on children with developmental disabilities and is headed by Clay’s uncle Jerry Aiken. Documents posted on the site show 2008 contributions of $1.49 million, which even we’ll acknowledge isn’t too shabby. (But apparently it’s not enough to hang on to Clay?)

But even if the charity dropped Clay’s name, that’s not the end of its troubles: The latest filings show the charity’s renewal was refused because there was no signature from the organization’s CFO or treasurer. So much rejection in a lifetime!