Did Clay Aiken’s Eponymous Charity Drop Him Too?


The bad news train just keeps on rolling for the gay American Idol runner-up who is not Adam Lambert. Having already been dropped from his label and exposed as a Lambert-hater (there is no greater crime!), Clay Aiken now finds himself even farther out in the forest: His own charity appears to have dropped him.

What was once known as The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is, moving forward, apparently renamed the National Inclusion Project. “After a downturn in contributions, the Raleigh NC based charity, made the decision to distance themselves from being so closely associated with” Aiken, says a source.

According to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s website, the charity, operating since 2004, is now named National Inclusion Project, though it still focuses on children with developmental disabilities and is headed by Clay’s uncle Jerry Aiken. Documents posted on the site show 2008 contributions of $1.49 million, which even we’ll acknowledge isn’t too shabby. (But apparently it’s not enough to hang on to Clay?)

But even if the charity dropped Clay’s name, that’s not the end of its troubles: The latest filings show the charity’s renewal was refused because there was no signature from the organization’s CFO or treasurer. So much rejection in a lifetime!

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  • Alexa

    This story is ridiculous. I suppose the charity wanted to distance itself from the autistic child it was also named after as well? Clay has been talking about the name change for a long time now, telling fans that he wanted to change the name to make the purpose of the charity clear. As I recall he even asked them to come up with new names for it. He told his fanclub last week that he would be announcing the new name soon, so I assume that’s why someone knew to look for the new name and use it launch yet another attack on him.

  • FreeOfAnAgenda?

    The name change is to make the focus of the Foundation’s work more apparent to the public. Clay’s status with the Foundation remains the same.

  • Cam

    Not a Clay fan here, as I’m sure Alexa could attest to, but this does seem like kind of a non-story.

  • Brenda Newman

    You guys will believe anything. Doesnt make you look too good.

  • janie

    It is always wise before you print something for human consumtion , to actually check your facts.

    You have made an absolute fool out of yourself with this one.This is an amazing foundation, doing a lot of good for those with disabilities and Mr Aiken is very much involved with it.

  • Barbara

    You need a new fact checker! They did not drop him. Clay has been saying for a long time now that they were planning to change the name to more encompass what the foundation does. He is still a big part of the foundation. He just did not want the focus to be about him so he had his name removed from the title.
    He said the title before was confusing and hard to pronunce.

  • Linc

    Drop him? The charity is Clay Aiken’s. Did he drop himself? e has made a decision to change the name – something he’s been talking about for a long time. What’s the purpose of such a totally false story full of misinformation? How hard is it to actually get real facts – like the money the foundation has raised has increased each year. The grants they have awarded. The camps they have funded and the children’s lives they have helped. You can hate Aiken’s music. You can be pissed off that he didn’t declare his sexual orientation according to your time table. But this story? It’s just wrong on every level.

  • BradSA

    The stalker is hard at work again I see. The 4 sites that will publish him are lining up as usual to spread his lies. Feast of Fools, Queerty, Perez and Gawker are his go-to sites. They are all clueless fuckwits who never check facts because the facts would nix the opportunity to bash Clay Aiken.

  • francie

    Wow, the number of people who print anything without ever bothering to get FACTS just continues to climb. And you call yourself “professionals”?!?! No wonder the world is so confused.

  • Mike

    This is a new low for you.

    Go ahead and make fun of Clay. You do that all the time, but leave a wonderful charity alone.

    For over a year, Clay has been talking about the name change for his charity. He even asked his fans at his official fan club to give some suggestions.

    I just have to wonder why you would post something like this? Sure tells people more about you.

    This article has absolutely NO FACTS behind it.

    I am sure you got your facts from Clay’s stalker. He is always behind the untrue stories.

  • Kendra

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if some article would mention what is really the truth instead of something completely wrong? You should try it sometime and not be like others that only look for gossip whether it’s true or not.

    This information that you have posted is COMPLETELY wrong. The name is changing but that has been in the works for a long time and Clay Aiken is still involved as always and will continue to be. The name wants to focus on the mission of the foundation and the new name reflects that.

    I don’t understand why anyone that writes these falsehoods wouldn’t want to check the FACTS first.

  • A Source

    What source? I can say that I saw Richard Gere kissing Natasha Bedingsfield. I’m a source too. I get my groceries from “a source” and manure to fertalize my garden from another source. (One thing comes from a trusted place, the other from a horse’s or cow’s … well you get my drift.

  • Bunny

    There are plenty of gay people out there – move on and attack a new one. You have really jumped the shark now.

  • joannieonthepony

    You should change your motto from Free of Agenda to Free of Facts. Shame on you for getting practically everything wrong about this story. I’m glad you at least spelled Clay Aiken’s name correctly, lord knows you wouldn’t be able to pronounce Bubel/Aiken.

  • katy

    Clay has announced months ago that there would be a name change to better reflect what The Bubel Aiken Foundation does. It’s about inclusion for those children with disabilities. Children who have never been able to go to summer camp or other activities like regular kids.
    It is sad that this false story brought by a creepy stalker is taken as truth when it could affect sending children to camp or other services that are provided by this charity.
    What do you have against Clay?

  • lani

    This statement is an absolute lie. TBAF has a high rating and there was no renewal refused. If you checked your source you would discover there is none, just drivel repeated by his stalker and his minions not just to try to hurt Clay but deny services to children with disabilities.

    The latest filings show the charity’s renewal was refused because there was no signature from the organization’s CFO or treasurer.

    Again, this is a lie and can easily be disproved.

  • JS

    What an outright lie! Clay Aiken wanted the change made. It’s his organization, how could he “drop” himself! The new name explains the mission of the foundation, the old name did not.
    Contributions are NOT down, the foundation does wonderful work and Clay is still on the board. His very well qualified uncle, Jerry Aiken is CEO…this leaves Clay more time to devote to UNICEF, etc.

  • Reny

    @janie: “You have made an absolute fool out of yourself with this one.This is an amazing foundation, doing a lot of good for those with disabilities and Mr Aiken is very much involved with it.”

    Why should Queerty give a crap about children with disabilities? They are gay, they don’t plan on having any, so they don’t care. Unless one of the disabled children happens to be in the closet. Then they would happily join a hate campaign against him or her.

    It’s a new low for these bottom feeder freaks.

  • Grace

    I sometimes think these sites diss Clay deliberately so they can get alot of hits from fans of Clay. Why don’t people try just ignoring the untrue articles and see what happens – maybe they might stop.

  • jon45

    @Kendra: i’ll be the last one to defend the site, but let’s be clear: queerty never claimed clay was dropped from his charity. they gave us the facts, pointed us to the state secretary’s website and told us what they knew. there’s not any misinformation here.

  • Reny

    @Grace: “Why don’t people try just ignoring the untrue articles and see what happens – maybe they might stop.”

    When will people learn that ignoring does not work? Clay has been ignoring the psycho stalker for 3 years, and what good did it do him?

  • Ellen

    This is hilarious. Dude, its his own foundation. Fun and games are over. Time to take a nap. Ya just took yourself down a few notches by publishing this nonsense.

  • stam

    What absolute nonsense! What bulls***!!
    You have just shown yourself to be lower than the swamprat stalker you got this from. Now I know for sure you can NEVER believe anything you read at Queerty!

    Clay was not dropped from his record label. He left them.
    Clay does not hate Adam or anyone for that matter that he’s ever made known to the world. Definitely not in his blogs. You should know since you have them given to you.

    What he should do is file suit against stalker JP who right now is just lapping up his (power?) at getting SH** like this printed.

    If you happened to come up with this BS all by yourself you can be mighty proud of your journalist integrity and creativity. NOT!

    Hope you grow up some day, but then you might have to leave your illustrious post.

    BTW have you ever seen a picture of JP? lol

  • mara

    As others have said, the name change is planned and the purpose is to make the intent of the foundation clearer. Clay is still very much in charge.

    Since there is no substance to this story at all, it must have been posted just to try to defame Clay. Why would you do that? Are there not enough straight people out there ready to slam gays that you have to help them out? What kind of people are you anyway? :(

  • jean

    You are just one amoung many of idiotic journalists who believe everything you read. As others stated-CLAY, himself, has wanted this name change for a while to focus more on what the foundation is really all about. Clay asked his fans to come up with ideas for a new name for the foundation. Why would a foundation ‘drop’ the very person who started it????? What a bunch of dummies, you are.

  • Cate

    Clay really dug himself in hole being so hateful and insulting to Adam Lambert, a man who could out-sing him in any arena. I used to like Clay, but who could admire a guy so jealous and hateful?

  • Jim

    Well, Cate, you are entitled to your opinion about Clay. This, however, is a slam on a foundation that helps children with disabilities. Please do not transfer your feelings onto these kids. By the way, Clay gave his opinion of one of Adam’s songs. Adam then took the low road by insulting Clay. Regardless, going after Clay’s charity is by far the worst in all of this.

  • DS

    THIS is the stalker the “credible source” that Queerty, Perez, et al, use.

    Meet John Paulus, stalker and, in my opinion, psychopath.

    This guy needs to be locked up not given the power of belief. So much for credible journalism.

    And, yes, Clay’s been talking about renaming the foundation for years. He never wanted his name on it in the first place but was talked into it. AND Clay doesn’t “hate Adam.” He commented on ONE performance.

  • goony tunes

    with all his dithering southern charm and redundant language (his little critique of Senor Adamo is trite, simple and overly “opinionated”) its no wonder the world tired of him.

    Back to singing with Barbie in front of grannies frosted mirror eh Clayhead?

  • penny

    For those who said they got the facts straight. Basically look at the title that IS what it is implying. The answer is, no he did not get dropped by his charity or RCA. I don’t need to state it again that this change has been plained for a while. Personally I think it is a mistake, because Clay’s name has brought a lot of money to the charity and I wonder with the new name how it will fair. Must say this was a very poorly investigated article at best.

    For the Adam fans, again he did not say he hated Adam. He stated (not so well) an opinion of one song. But be warned, don’t try and cram Adam down too many throats! I fear that is what happened with Clay and it turned off a lot of music executives, DJ’s etc. Just let the chips fall where they may and enjoy the entertainment he provides you. I have and will continue to enjoy Clay as well, regardless of the trash that is printed.

  • Pat

    You people are complete idiots! Clay himself is the one who wanted the name changed, to better reflect the work that the foundation does. He didn’t want his name on the foundation’s title to begin with, and has been wanting to change the name for a long time. Check your facts before you start printing garbage.

  • curt wilde

    please do not post anything on clay aiken again

  • stam

    Check this out for the truth;

    “Thursday, June 4, 2009
    Clay Aiken Continues With Charity While Scary Stalker Spreads Lies
    To try to be as clear as could be, to the best of my knowledge the Bubel/Aiken Foundation is not – not – dropping Clay Aiken, that story being slightly more than fabricated, however, the foundation is undergoing an update, a rebranding of sort, and to that point Aiken is attempting to create more attention upon the charity itself, instead of on himself. The story of Aiken being removed from the charity, as I suggested Wednesday, was and is an outright falsity, apparently concocted by a scary stalker in an effort to discredit Aiken, while at the same time, perhaps unwittingly, damaging the reputation and role of the Foundation. The charity was founded in 2003 to offer opportunities and support to children living with disabilities, including autism. And as an aside, it seems perfectly cruel to play with the good work this or any charity organization does only in a vain and vague attempt to humiliate someone. For further information on the Foundation, you can click here. “

  • Mike

    Goony Tunes……your name says it all!!

    Get a life!!

  • LouWho


    1. the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news or of conducting any news organization as a business.
    2. press 1 (def. 31).
    3. a course of study preparing students for careers in reporting, writing, and editing for newspapers and magazines.
    4. writing that reflects superficial thought and research, a popular slant, and hurried composition, conceived of as exemplifying topical newspaper or popular magazine writing as distinguished from scholarly writing: He calls himself a historian, but his books are mere journalism.
    5. The practice of regurgitating Creepy Stalker’s blog and trying to make it appear that Clay Aiken has done something less than honorable.

    Geez, doesn’t anybody check facts anymore!!!! Guess not, so sad.

  • scott ny'er


    Yet another story on Clay. Even after your new’s year resolution was to hope to not see any more stories about him.

    Tired. Trifling. Queerty.

    Seriously, find another gay person to bully. Oh, wait, your suppose to support gay people.

  • Reny

    @Kendra: “I don’t understand why anyone that writes these falsehoods wouldn’t want to check the FACTS first.”

    It’s because Queerty lies about Clay on purpose. Always did, and apparently, always will.

    So, a site that claims to represent all gays sides with the psycho stalker in his attempts to bring down someone who tries to help the disadvantaged children. What does that say about the gays they are representing?

  • dipshit

    Everybody knows Clay’s remaining fans are middle-aged women. All these fake “Mike”, “Brad”, other male posts are Claymates pretending to be male fans. To me, that is far more interesting than the fact that Clay was dropped by his own charity.

  • penny

    Hey Dipshit..guess again!! Not all things are as they seem! My name is not a guy’s name so there! Don’t put all fans of someone in one box. Guess what, it is his foundation and no one elses. The name is the name…but it is still his………

    Your comment has been seen over and over..who is the pretender?

  • Heather

    Well, I’m a female and I’m hardly middle aged. My little brother has autism, and he was fortunate enough to attend one of the camps funded by Clay’s foundation. He had such a wonderful time, and our entire family is grateful. He is going to get to go again this summer and is so excited. I hope the BAF or whatever the new name is will keep on helping children for years to come.

  • Rebekah

    Hey, I just wanted to say I’m glad people have taken the time to comment on this “article” and clear up the facts. If it wasn’t for everyone’s comments telling me what is actually happening with Clay’s foundation, I would have mistakenly believed this rubbish. No matter where I turn, it seems letting everyone access to a keyboard and a “news” website is becoming increasingly detrimental to true journalism. Facts are falling to the wayside, while speculation and false reporting are on the rise. What a shame.

  • Deann

    I would NEVER donate to this charity. First of all, it has always had a bad rating (two out of four stars – one of the lowest for charities performing similar types of work.) I would rather donate to a charity that makes better use of the money it receives.

    Second, it refuses to provide the Better Business Bureau with requested information, thus preventing the BBB from being able to determine if it meets standards. This lack of commitment to transparency is a big red flag for me.

    Third, I am very leery of any charity that is run by the family and friends of one of the founders and chair of the board, as this charity is.

    The fact that a singer you like is a founder and chair of the board of a charity does NOT mean the charity is one you should necessarily donate to. You really should do your homework before donating to ANY charity. As I said before, after checking this one out, I knew this was not a charity I would donate to. I feel my money will be put to better use by donating to charities that have good ratings and have cooperated with the Better Business Bureau, so I can be sure they meet the BBB standards.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    I don’t know what’s more entertaining: reading articles that slam Clay Fake-en, or seeing how many Claymates come crawling out of the woodwork to defend their beloved eunuch’s honour.

  • maryann

    Jim, Adam did not take the low road and insult Clay, for goodness sake. Hello! look at what Clay commented about Adam. That was a low road. Did Adam say anything about Clay’s singing?

  • jay

    Did anybody say that Adam insulted Clay? Was he thinking straight? What exactly were the words of Adam? And what exactly did Clay say about Adam’s singing that “one song”? Adam never uttered a bad word or any negative word about Clay. But how about Clay? So, to those who say that Adam insulted Clay, think again!

  • ShannonK

    Why all this talk about Adam and Clay? We all know there is only one true American idol and that is Kelly. Who cares if it is true about Clay’s foundation? I can’t believe he is always in the news. We Kelly fans will just have to work harder to make sure she is always number one. Go Kelly!

  • Manny

    @Deann: The Better Business Bureau charges charities hundreds of dollars to “evaluate” them. Good for the Foundation’s board members for choosing to put the money into programs instead of wasting it on the commercial scam that the BBB inflicts upon the charitable community.

    The 2008 rating for the foundation is 3 stars which is very good. Of course there would be higher costs the first few years with start-up needs, but the foundation is healthy and is doing exactly what it is intended to do which is to provide inclusion programs for children with special needs.

    You are all going to look very stupid when the press release comes out and Clay is still the President of the Board.

  • Bette Lewis

    I cannot believe you would write this without doing any research. Clay announced the name of his Foundation would be changed a very long time ago. It was done to make the Foundations projects more recognizable. Sorry you didn’t do an article on how much work Clay has done for this foundation and how it all came about. That is the real story. Check it out.

  • Elizabeth Arnold

    John Paulus really needs to get a life. Calling all gay celebrities who enjoy being stalked! JP is available.

  • Reny

    @Deann: “I would NEVER donate to this charity. ”

    But of course. Financing the stalker’s hunger for destruction is a much better use of your funds. And don’t even bother denying that you do that.

  • shawna

    this is a lie I am a fanclub member and clay asked us to pick a new name for his foundation so we did this story is completely made up matter of fact Clay will be part of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE GALA Oct 17 2009 in RALEIGH, NC you can buy tickets at the webside

    before this person who wrote this story whom ever they are desides to lie they should check their facts straight from The Bubel/Aiken Foundation name changed The National Inclusion Project FIRST

  • CU

    Kelly is no longer the #1 idol. Carrie is. She has sold more albums than Kelly. Carrie is a lady with charm and grace.

  • Gabe

    Wow, Queerty… a new low, bashing a charity for disabled children just because the guy running it didn’t come out on your timetable. And the commentors here who try to discourage people from donating to that charity? Lower than low. Hope you all sleep well at night. Karma will get you in the end.

  • Manny

    These negative lies come from Queerty’s super secret insider. He is Clay’s stalker and a pathological liar. When will Queerty wise up? When will they ever start to treat Clay like a decent human being? Its time to quit the bashing.

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