Did CPAC Kick GOProud To The Curb Like Last Night’s Trick?

On Friday afternoon, rumors started spreading that the gay Republican group GOProud was being banned from the the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference, one of the largest gatherings of conservative groups in the country.

While GOProud has attended the conference for the past two years, and even engendered the support of reactionary diva Ann Coulter, groups like the Heritage Foundation, Media Research Center and Family Research Council have balked its inclusion.

Though GOProud chair Christopher Barron originally denied the diss, by Saturday a letter from GOProud’s Board of Directors confirmed they were barred from participating in an official capacity (though members may attend as individuals).

We are deeply disappointed at the decision of the American Conservative Union to bar GOProud from participating in CPAC. They are well within their right to do so, but a decision like this will have consequences. For the last two years, GOProud has sought to support CPAC and keep the conservative movement united.

Unfortunately, elements inside and outside of ACU have pushed their own narrow, divisive and sometimes personal agenda. They have done so at the expense of the conservative movement. What is truly sad is that this troubling development takes place at a time when we should be united and focused on defeating Barack Obama.

GOProud has been and will continue to be an outspoken proponent of conservative values and conservative policy. This organization will continue to work to bring conservatives of all stripes together to save this country and defeat the left. Obviously, that work will no longer be done at CPAC, but it will be done.

Wow, GOProud should definitely be invited to CPAC. They’ve got the whole Republican platform down perfectly: “We have no solutions for any of America’s problems except to attack President Obama.”