Did Dane Williams’ Killer Target Him Because Straight Guys Were ‘More of a Challenge’?

Oh, you needed somebody to be disgusted with this afternoon? “A man accused of raping and murdering a 23-year-old Huntington Beach man told his former boss at an amateur gay porn company that he liked to pick up young men in San Diego, drug them, and have sex with them, the City News Services reported. Billy Sharrock testified Wednesday during a preliminary hearing that Philong Huynh (pictured, right) liked heterosexual guys because they were ‘more of a challenge,’ the report said. Huynh, 39, faces two counts of sexual assault and murder with a special circumstance of sodomy in the January 2008 killing of Dane Williams (pictured, left), a Hurley International intern who was in San Diego for a sports retail convention. Williams was last seen in the Gaslamp District when he disappeared for three days. His body was later found wrapped in a blanket in an alley.” [OC Register]

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  • Tylertime

    The headline is confusing. So, the story is that a gay guy murdered a straight guy?

  • Jon B

    @Tylertime: Yes. Gay guy drugged, raped, and murdered straight guy. Fucking douche bag. I hope he is castrated and has his ass penetrated with a hot poker.

  • Richard

    Link fail. I went to read more at the OC Register… and there’s nothing there. Plz fix? Kthx.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Well, if there is one thing our friends at Queerty are mastering, its the headline — that is, if your idea of mastering the headline is topping Weekly World News for twisted prose. I mean, c’mon, guys, if the victim were gay, we would be rightly horrified, but since he’s straight, we can opt out of compassion and aim for the sensationalistic? Not right. Not right at all.

  • Ryan

    I agree, this headline and the way Queerty presented this story makes the gay community look bad. Is this really something that you want to publicize? I mean, sheesh

  • Ben

    Does anyone even edit or review work at Queerty?
    …or use common sense….before posting?

    Geez….more misleading, twisted headlines……Yawn!

  • donnally

    you douchebags who like to complain about queerty’s mistakes – get a life, please, you are so irritating!

  • Yancey Cuyugan

    There an interesting twist to this report.

    According a news report, “this case involves the sexual assault of two young men, both heterosexual, and both found without their underwear,” said Gretchen Means, deputy district attorney.

    No mention of the suspect’s sexual orientation. And really, how heterosexual can the victims be if they agreed to hook up with a guy even before being drugged?

    Here’s the link to the story:—79549257.html

  • TheAwfulTruth

    @Ryan: Sorry to say but, with drugs, porn, killings, extreme sexual fetishes, circuit parties, and Perez Hilton, our community always looks bad.

  • Jack

    @TheAwfulTruth: Yeah, because the straights don’t do drugs, watch/star in porn, kill anyone, have extreme sexual fetishes or read Perez Hilton. Ever. Not at all. They all have happy, healthy, wholesome lives based around raising children and contributing positively to society.

  • B

    No. 9 · Yancey Cuyugan wrote, ‘And really, how heterosexual can the victims be if they agreed to hook up with a guy even before being drugged?” …. maybe they agreed to go to another bar on the promise of their being lots of available women there, or some other excuse. There was no indication that their underwear came off before the drugs were given to them.

  • THeAwfulTruth

    @Jack: It is easier to cover up the sun with a finger than face the truth, right?

  • Jack

    @THeAwfulTruth: Lol, are you for real?! You sound like a bad fortune cookie. A self-loathing fortune cookie that’s not quite sure what it’s angry at.

  • Robert

    There is actually alot more to this story than is mentioned in this article.An autopsy was done and has never determined how the victim died. No blunt trauma,no stabbing,no gunshot wound,no evidence that there were even enough drugs in his system to have overdosed.The suspects modus operandi was to pick up straight men who were allready intoxicated and then drug them and rape them.

  • Todd Shui

    Actually, this leaves out the interesting and inspiring part of this story I foubnd interesting. Huynh was caught because of the cooperation and courage of one of his other victims, who reported the crime and worked with the police to solve it. Many male rape victims, especially those who identify as straight like this guy, are too ashamed to report it. I hope others will follow the example of this young sailor, whose bravery may have saved many lives.

  • debra

    When this story broke, I think I recall some witnesses in The Hard Rock where he was having drinks, saying he left and he WAS NOT DRUNK. Sorry, they have the wrong guy. The first I heard of him stumbling out of the bar was when they just happened to find the perp. Something here doesnt add up. Even if Dane was drunk when he left the bar, I believe because of how fit he was, he could still have taken the guy or yelled or something. He was missing for a few days if I remember correctly. Did anyone see the supposed murderer around that part of town? If someone could put him at the scene, I would believe it could be him. I just dont like the way this whole thing sounds. I am obsessed with this because I am a stickler concerning justice. I am also a sensitive and have limited psychic abilities and I am telling you, this man isnt the guy. Pray for Dane, pray for justice for his family.

  • debra

    @B: who said he went willingly with the guy? i have read about this case extensively and never heard that.

  • FredLs80

    There’s more to this case. In addition to raping and murdering this one victim, in addition to raping another man, it looks like this man may have raped 58 other men. Some who were contacted by the police described blacking out, waking up in a strange place and not knowing what happened.

    It makes me wonder how often male rape occurs, since so few men are willing to come forward.

  • MattGMD

    Reminds me of the Steven Lorenzo murders in Tampa, FL, several years ago. Have to wonder if this guy has killed before. Likely other victims will emerge after seeing his photo in the news.

  • ml

    @debra: They got him based on the DNA they found in his rectum, after the rape test. It matched the sample collected from the other brave young man who came forward. Done deal.

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