Did Dina Closet Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan and her alleged lesbianism have message boards working overtime. Here are two snatches from DataLounge’s impossibly long string of comments:

FYI people, LL has been closeted in La La landed for a few years now. In fact, since she was around 19. That’s also when she started to get fucked up. there have been women before Sam. 3 that I can think of off the top of my head. Semel, Demme, and Heidi Cortez. and perhaps others who were never made public…

Another rumor I heard, though I’m not sure how true it is is that that Lohan came out to her mother (not her father) when she dumped Vilmer Vald….whatever…and explained to her that it was because she thought she liked girls. And Dina tried to convince her daughter that it was just a phase. The person who told me this is a reliable person, but I’m just not sure if the place they got the story from is a good place. It seems like too personal of a thing for so many people to know about this. So I’ve never put much weight on this one.

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