Did Focus on the Family’s ‘Alternate’ Super Bowl Ad Go Much Further In Advocating Against Abortion?

The Focus on the Family ad airing during tonight’s Super Bowl on CBS is, frankly, quite tame. But was it the original ad that FOTF had put together? Perhaps not, based on what we’ve seen.

The spot below, which one uploader says was already removed by the group once, is “Version 2” of the Super Bowl spot, we’re led to believe. And it paints a much more doomsday approach to deciding whether to keep a growing fetus. (The editorializing on James Dobson at the end is, we assume, the work of the uploader.)

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Either way, the Super Bowl version points to, where this additional video (warning: auto-play) featuring Pam and Bob Tebow appears. And it’s a doozey.

So: Who’s watching the big game today?