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Did Gay Activist’s Poppers-Fueled Death Lead Manufacturer Joe Miller To Kill Himself?

Joe Miller, the gay entrepreneur behind Rush poppers, killed himself last month in his Indiana home — a move that comes after his company Great Lakes Products took heat following the death of Atlanta activist Greg Barrett (who happened to tend bar at the Atlanta Eagle), who enjoyed some Levitra and poppers with a friend and failed to wake up the next morning. That combination of chemicals can result in heart attacks.

Miller was known for bragging about how much he helped LGBT media by advertising his products in magazines, in addition to donating to Democratic campaigns and HIV organizations. Mysteriously, the Indianapolis Star published and then pulled its obit.

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    The indianapolis Star did in fact publish two obits for Joe Miller. The first was a basic announcement, then there was an expanded obit a day later. It was delayed almost a week for some reason, but it was there. It only mentioned he was an entrepreneur and contributor to AIDS campaigns.

  • Petraeous

    I fail to see how he should be held responsible for this death. Levitra and similar drugs clearly state that they should not be used in combination with nitrites.

  • eric

    it has been known for years that the combination of ED drugs and poppers is a deadly combination, so while his suicide is a tragedy under any circumstance, i hope it was not because of heat he took for someone not heeding the warnings about combining those two drugs.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    You don’t combine poppers with ED drugs such as Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra, for the same reason you dont combine ED drugs with certain anti-hypertensives (blood pressure pills.) It basically can overwhelm your cardiovascular system: heart, blood gases and your breathing stops. Very few antidotes or remedial actions can be taken. Sadly death can occur quite rapidly., and many victims die before they make it to the ER.

    Please guys, don’t mix drugs. Nothing is worth that risk.

  • popperdude

    This is a ridiculous “article.” It’s obvious you’re trying to smear Joe Miller and his business. Blame poppers for Greg Barrett’s death? Please. It was his own stupidity that killed him. There is so much information regarding the dangers of mixing poppers/nitrites/nitrates with ED meds like Levitra, Viagra and Cialis he should have known better – or he knew and thought “It won’t happen to me.” So he dies, the anti-popper propagandists win and a good man’s- Joe Miller – name is smeared. And get your facts straight – you don’t have a heart attack if you combine the two – your blood pressure falls rapidly and your heart basically stops beating. Not exactly a heart attack. Why aren’t you out there “reporting” on the gays who are spreading HIV by barebacking?? If you want to report on a dangerous substance – it’s their recklessness – not poppers.

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