Did George Washington Univ Almost Cancel Megan McCain Because She Supports Gay Marriage?

Meghan McCain, budding starlet of the GOP and friend to homosexuals, was invited to deliver the keynote speech at George Washington University’s Marriage Equality Week event on February 9. And then she was asked not to come. Uh, or was she?

The confusion started when McCain tweeted, “I am disappointed to hear that I have been uninvited to speak at George Washington University as a result of my stance on marriage equality…I am a proud supporter of LGBT rights in this country and marriage equality, I am also a proud republican. I understand I am not for everyone but am disappointed at the resulting controversy nonetheless.”

That note came on the heels of campus group Allied in Pride’s president Michael Komo telling the school newspaper that GW College Republicans had pulled their financial support for McCain’s appearance after learning the real reason she’d be on campus — to speak out in support of gay marriage — when, apparently, they thought the daughter of a former Republican presidential nominee would be delivering a stand up routine. Or something. (Actually, they thought she’d just be talking about what it means to be a Republican. Yeah, a Republican who supports The Gay Marriage!)

But now it appears McCain hasn’t been canceled on after all. In a follow up tweet, she writes, “my agent has informed me I have not been disinvited but the college republicans have reneged their sponsorship at GWU, sorry for the confusion. As far as I know, until further notice I am still speaking at GWU in February…will keep everybody updated if it changes.”

Which means McCain and her talent agency Greater Talent Network will be picking up the $7,500 speaking fee, plus airfare and lodging, bringing GW’s total expenditure to around $10k. Which is probably being paid by lobbyists!

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