Did GOP Plan Gay Scandals?

While some of us are dancing on the GOP’s increasingly crowded grave, Democratic strategists are, well, strategizing. And, it seems, giving the Republicans too much credit. Says CBS’ Dick Meyer:

Democratic opposition researchers are trying to connect the Foley-Vitter-Craig dots. Because only a nit-wit could believe that three very sordid scandals could scourge the GOP in one session of Congress by sheer coincidence. Democrats do not believe in a God that generous.

I am told Democratic counter-operatives are pursuing three conspiracy theories at this point.

[One:] The Gay Wedge: The idea here is that Republicans are trying to split the traditionally Democratic gay and “sexually permissive” vote by enlisting sympathy for victims like Mark Foley (priest abuse) and Larry Craig (police state intrusiveness). David Vitter, Louisiana Senator who was on the infamous D.C. Madam’s call list (and apparently a few others) is obviously a smokescreen.

Interesting theory, but we’re not convinced of some conservative conspiracy. If you ask us, its the Republicans’ repression that did them in…