Did Hillary Clinton Really Forget Most American Gays Cannot Marry?

Some folks are saying Sec. of State Hillary Clinton stepped in it when, commenting on her daughter’s upcoming fundraising nuptials, she told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell about how great America was because it let anyone get married, even people of different faiths (like her daughter Chelsea and fiance Marc Mezvinsky), without realizing you homos actually cannot get married.

And while Hillary’s comments were, technically, overstating things, and it would’ve been nice for Hillary to give the ‘mos a shout out in Pakistan, where the interview took place, did anyone else get the feeling she was sort of making a proclamation about what our future holds, rather than its current state? Or maybe, for once, I’m just being an optimist.

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  • ousslander

    nothing wrong with being opitmistic. I thikn she just forgot about us like they all do unless they need cash or votes

  • Pitou

    Optimism creates false hope which leads to devestation when that false hope is shot down.
    No one really cares about us, except as everyone knows for votes and cash.
    Really, is anyone surprised that she “forgot” to mention how lovely it is that anyone can get married to anyone else here in the good ‘ol US of A….except people with “the Gay”?
    No. Come on. She’s the wife of the douche bag who enacted the laws that prevent us from being recognized by the Fed Govn’t, or allow us to serve this shit-hole of a country in it’s all-volunteer armed services.
    Fuck Hillary Clinton. Fuck Barak Obama. Fuck Nancy Pelosi. Fuck Harry Reid. Most certainly, fuck anything that ends in Bush.

    Fuck ’em all with a rough hewn Redwood.

    Someday my fellow LGBTQ’s will realize that we’re not getting anything from this bigoted country. This land was founded by Purists, has been run by Straight White Men for 234 years, and will continue to be. The Catholic/Christian/Mormon Churches have successfully had their Dogma written into our laws, and it will probably never be reversed unless you have the financial means to have it litigated in a court, which I don’t know about you, but my Middle class income barely allows me cash to save, nevermind give to attorneys.

    For instance the NAACP, which of all organizations with clout that should understand the devastating effects of discrimination, couldn’t give a flying fuck about how we are discriminated against to the exact same ferocity as they were, and in many places still are. Their deeply held religious beliefs, whatever they may be, continues to “prevent” them from seeing us as anything but immoral deviants. EVEN THOUGH…those same religious beliefs prevented them from being free citizens, prevented them from being in the same places or using the same water fountains as whites, attending the same schools, prevented them from marrying outside their own race…for years and years and years and years. Double Standard?

    No one could care less, so who could be surprised that we’re forgotten, always. Get used to it. It’s just the modern ways of our society. If you don’t mention it, or don’t think about it, It just doesn’t exist.

  • alejandro

    had Obama said this you’d be all over his ass.
    i guess it’s a hillary pass.

  • Bobby

    I think that you’re just being overly critical of Hillary, like most of the people who write for this blog. The same with Obama. He only has the weight of the world on his shoulders, quite literally. Anyone ever think that good things come to those who wait?

  • christopher di spirito

    Lady Hillary is no more a supporter of gay marriage than Obama.

    If you recall, during the LOGO/HRC sit-down, Joe Solmonese asked Hillary about marriage equality and DOMA. Hillary said she is opposed to its repeal — only article #3 should be rescinded.

    All the more reason why it’s a mystery to me why so many gay men worship and adore her so much. Maybe these queens are looking for a surrogate mother and Hillary fits the bill?

  • Seth

    She’s spending 500 million US dollars to build hospitals and schools in Pakistan. This is an attempt to increase US Paki relations and trust. Ranting about homo’s is going to … uhm… not help things.

  • MBear

    Yah, cuz one thing we need to do when giving handouts to other countries is worry about what they think of us.

  • Devonasa

    I think it should be noted that she said “so many of the barriers” have disappeared she didn’t say “all the barriers”.

  • Luxury

    “did anyone else get the feeling she was sort of making a proclamation about what our future holds, rather than its current state? Or maybe, for once, I’m just being an optimist”

    Um.. No and you’re being delusional..

  • TommyOC

    All politicians – Hillary included – don’t give the gays their due when they’re standing right in front of them… what makes you think they’re going to in Pakistan, of all places?

    Her remarks were clearly for her *straight* Pakistani audience. They were clearly aimed at touting our religious reconciliation and not our sexual reconciliation.

  • Jeff K.

    Those comments were obviously tailored to Pakistanis who don’t know or think about gays, because in that country all the homos are so terrified of coming out of the closet. If they do, they’re promptly killed.

    It’s all about target audiences, baby!

  • c

    @Jeff K.:

    people on this website need to stop making generalizations.

    you say Pakistanis don’t know or think about gays, but it is you who dont think or know about Pakiatanis.

    Please do yourself a favor and read up on Islamabad and Ali Saleem.

  • Dawson

    @Seth: Wait a minute, so shes spending $500 million US Dollars to build hospitals in a foreign country that we don’t need the trust of, would never dream of attacking us, and has no chance if we decide to attack them. This story isn’t about being gay its about America not having the right priorities. We let our own people run out of Worker’s Compensation benefits while funneling money to the middle east. Oh wait, Pakistan must have oil!

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