Did HRC’s Public Relations Chief Brad Luna Flee Because Even He Thinks Joe Solmonese Is Failing?

Brad Luna was, until Friday, the Human Rights Campaign’s director of communications — the standard flack job every organization has. But no longer. “The position was eliminated,” says HRC’s human resource director John Green. Was Luna fired by HRC? Did he quit in disgust? Leave amicably for greener pastures?

A mix of all three, as these things usually are.

His departure comes at a curious time. The Human Rights Campaign is in the middle of an aggressive defense campaign to counter widespread criticism of its do-nothingness. The recent events with Dan Choi and Get Equal/Robin McGehee are the latest, and perhaps most public assault on HRC’s character and ineffectiveness. Choi, the DADT repeal’s most public face, has called HRC worthless.

But if Luna wasn’t on board with HRC’s spin campaign? The one where they try to assure donors and the media that they’re doing everything right, when they aren’t? Then it would be best to sack him sooner rather than later. One HRC source tells us that’s precisely what happened; after feuding with directors there over strategy and messaging, it was clear Luna wasn’t terribly willing to stay on message, and he was asked to leave. We’re also hearing Luna volunteered to leave after weeks of back-and-forth. In the end, the official story will likely be that he “resigned.”

Privately, Luna — who is well liked inside HRC, and who this website has enjoyed stern but pleasant relations — has been voicing frustration with HRC’s latest round of blah. It’s likely that began to creep into the workplace. Around 4:45pm on Friday, an email was circulated to HRC’s entire staff announcing Luna’s exit. (Luna declined to comment to Queerty.)

Meanwhile: “For the last week, Luna had been ducking questions about the what Lt. Choi was told about the nature of the rally, and HRC’s plans regarding Choi, while buzzing up a flurry of sudden activity criticizing Choi’s action and trying to raise funds to fight Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” relays PBC Liberal. “Today, HRC’s deputy communications director acting in Luna’s place has taken the direct approach. HRC simply will not answer questions about it. They will neither confirm nor deny that GetEqual’s Robin McGehee was told Choi couldn’t speak because he hadn’t signed a release that would give Griffin’s production company intellectual property rights to his speech. They’ll say nothing further about any support they’ll offer Choi, pointing to a statement on their blog which attendees at the rally report is ‘utterly untrue.'”

As it stands, the Human Rights Campaign, which executive director Joe Solmonese claims represents the entire LGBT community, has brought in Fred Sainz as its new vice president of communications, to speak to the entire LGBT community (and beyond).

Might Get Equal need a newly available certain someone who can match wits?