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Did Hugh Jackman Deny He’s Gay? Or Skirt Around the Issue?


Dreamy McHotty action star Hugh Jackman is on a whirlwind media tour promoting X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the latest movie he struts around naked in, which means he’s taking his giant guns from one red carpet and press event to the next. He’s also feeding nuggets to the press so they can write yet another lovely article about how bad Australia was but how fun the X-Men movies are. It’s how we end up with soundbites like this one: “I love sex, it’s great.” Swoon! But how does his latest interview with newspaper insert and dog kennel flooring Parade get so warped?

Reads the actual article:

Despite his obviously close relationship with his wife, whispers have persisted since he played Peter Allen that Jackman himself might be gay. “I’d be happy to go and deny it, because I’m not,” he says. “But by denying it, I’m saying there is something shameful about it, and there isn’t anything shameful. The questions about sexuality I find more here in America than anywhere else, because it’s a big hang-up and defines what people think about themselves and others. It’s not a big issue in Australia.”

And somehow that story gets passed around the web with very, very different headlines.

Here’s on sample, from the Boston Herald:


And a, uh, contradictory one from The Insider:


Huh. Well whether he’s denying it or not denying it, just remember this, from Jackman: “And whether you like girls or boys, whether you life the light on or off: Who cares? I always find sexuality one of the least interesting things about a person.”