Did Jaden Smith Just Come Out On Twitter?

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.36.24 AMLooks like Will Smith is passing off more than a career in acting and music to his son Jaden — the 16-year-old celeb offspring has also officially had his first gay rumor. Just like dad!

It started with Smith Jr. Tweeting the following message to Tyler The Creator:

“I Think Im In Love With You, I Don’t Know I’m Still Figuring It Out But In The Meantime, Happy Birthday.”

Which, OK, is pretty innocent stuff. But the internets ran with it, with Media Take Out even reporting, “IT HAPPENED!!! Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith Comes OUT OF THE CLOSET… He Admitted On Twitter… That He’s GAY!!!”

The chatter got so loud that a rep from the Smith camp addressed the rumor, telling Gossip Cop that “there’s no truth to any of it.”

Alright, Jaden, we’ll let you have this one. But if you are gay by chance, we look forward to hearing about it. In the mean time, go back to dating Vanessa Hudgens’ younger sister Stella and Kylie Jenner.

However, if it’s true they’re as good of beards as any.