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  • sam

    Wow – she looks good, especially when she shows us her back a little.

    Even has an Annie Lennox look to her. Jane gives good face.

  • Pickles

    Chris Colfer may be the cutest, bestest most awesomest pocket gay in all the whole wide world.

    Jane Lynch is my Queen.

    Loved getting Mercedes in there. She and Kurt just rock every scene together.

  • Pickles

    Hey, isn’t that Nathan from “So You Think You Can Dance”

  • CHIP1218

    Is that Nigahiga @ 0:45 in?

  • CHIP1218

    Sorry, that was meant to go to another post…wrong cut and paste…

    As for this video, I think 2010 will be a fantastic year for Jane Lynch! Engaged, probably looking at Emmy nominated…this was her breakout. Loved her in Best in Show, and really loved her guest spots in Boston Legal and Two And a Half Men.

  • kityglitr

    Thank you, Glee, for giving me exactly what I asked for… and yes, that was the cutie from SYTYCD. I almost died.

  • Clem

    Keep it light,
    Keep it happy,
    Keep it gay!

  • jeffree

    Jane Lynch has found a spotlight for her comedic actor talents & that is GLEE!

    So far, has her character mentioned a romantic partner? I’m thinking NO….but w.t.h. I could be wrong.
    The possibility therefore remains that the character could still…….(drumroll noises) be lesbian? Either way, who ever writes her lines gets kudos from me. She says all the nasty things that most of us just think but dont, well, actually SAY out loud !!

    btw: who is the guy with the mohawk in the show? Totally *hot*. i have lustful thoughts than only icecream with caffiene will fix!

  • Jeremy

    Jane Lynch is the top reason why I watch Glee, I set my eyes on her since “the 40-years-old-virgin”. And this is too good to be true. She sounds a little bit auto-tuned, but she is still the “cream of the crop”. Now if you excuse me, I dropped my jaw and now I have to find it.

  • fredo777

    @Pickles: Yes, it was! He’s such a cutie pie + I was glad to see him in this.

  • REBELComx

    Oh THAT’s what that was last night.
    I suddenly felt a disturbance in the Force…as if millions of gay teenage boys and older bears suddenly and simultaneously creamed themselves.

  • james p. p.


    BTW… I didn’t see any nipples in this version….

  • scott ny'er

    That was ok. I just don’t get the Glee love.

    I guess you have to be a huge fan to be over the top about this. Stuff like this makes me fully comprehend now the other side whenever I would rave about Madonna’s 1990 concert or some pop crap and other people would be, “whatever, that was ok.” And I’m all, “What?” that was effin’ awesome.

  • RomanHans

    I’m with you, Scott. What fans claim and what I see are polar opposite. It’s diverse? Uh, the four main stars are straight whites, with the minorities thrown in for comic relief. On the two Glee records, the gay character has *one* song.

    The songs are ironic takes on pop culture. You know, like Kiki and Herb did twenty years ago. Heck, Weird Al Yankovic would be a breath of fresh air here.

    As for Ms. Lynch, she’s a cartoon character. Yeah, a high school employee would wear a pointy bra at work. The plot is Saved By The Bell mixed with The Mighty Ducks. And, you know, songs.

    Toss ’em all together and you’ve got a show that has nothing going for it. Excuse me while I break out my Strangers With Candy DVDs.

  • Tangelo

    Thanks Queerty for another giggle fit. I was laughing so hard last night I had to pause it and catch my breath. It is the most beautiful abomination I have ever seen. This is up there with Bea Arthur’s spoof of Sex and the City.

    Jane Lynch is an amazing actress.


  • Felipe

    @REBELComx: I think you mean a disturbance in The Fierce.

  • Bayley

    I love Glee and don’t want to be around anyone who doesn’t. Having them do one of my favorite Madonna songs ever was just…..words can’t describe.

  • Edfu

    @jeffree: The guy with the Mohawk is Mark Salling. Totally delicious!

  • Jake

    God I hate Queerty sometimes and the constant Madonna bashing “did Jane Lynch just out Madonna Madonna”….you guys are just a bunch of young ignorant queens that have no idea how Madonna told everyone who wasn’t willing to accept us to go fuck themselves. Every post about Madonna has something cynical behind it and it’s really starting to piss me off. Just b/c the women isn’t draped in a Pride Flag and riding in a parade doesn’t mean she’s “abandon us”. Regardless love Jane Lynch, the clip was hilarious and can’t wait for the Madonna episode.

  • alan brickman

    it always easier…once you’re shown how…congrats Madonna!!

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