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Did Jayron Martin’s High School Principals Do Nothing to Stop His Pipe Bashing?

From the terrifying world of school bullying, and common wisdom that school administrators do nothing to stop it comes this story from Houston high school freshman Jayron Martin, who was beaten with a metal pipe after school by a classmate while eight others watched — and it only stopped when a man who saw the attack from his home whipped out a shotgun. All because the other kids accused Jayron of being gay. But perhaps the worst part, beyond the cuts and bruises and cracks? That the attack might have been prevented: Jayron’s assault went down after he told two of his principals and bus driver about the planned attack before it happened; a classmate tipped him off.


The 16-year-old accused of assaulting Jayron has been arrested; police say there are no other suspects. The bus driver has been placed on leave.

This is horrifying.

But we’re glad to see Jayron’s mother Lakenya speaking up about it. Keep talking.

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  • AlwaysGay

    This is absolutely horrible! These heterosexual punks need to be put in jail. Jayron needs to stay in school, study hard and not let these heterosexual troublemakers deter him from being successful because they are not his authority, they are not the evaluator of his worth.

  • Vic

    I’d be absolutely thrilled to see those principals crucified for this.

  • Mike L.

    This should be taken as a hate crime! Don’t matter if the assualter and witnesses are under 18.

  • Becca

    I don’t understand why threats aren’t taken more seriously at that school. My high school let out after finding incriminating notes in bathroom stalls.

  • edgyguy1426

    The bus driver is put on leave, but why is it taking so long for the principals to face the music?

  • terrwill

    We now have Federal legislation regarding hate crimes which includes the Gays. One need not wonder if the locals in Texas are going to attempt to make this go away with no punishment for these scumbag school officials. Time for this one to be brought into Federal jurisdiction and these scumbags be prosecuted appropriatley…………..

  • Keith Kimmel

    Two high profile bashings in less than a week. This is disgusting.

  • Keith Kimmel

    “We now have Federal legislation regarding hate crimes which includes the Gays.”

    You know, I wonder if this rash of bashings does not have something to do with that fact.

  • Anon

    ok im gonna give yall the real story now im not saying the boys who beat jayron were right but everyone is thinking that they just chose to beat him because he was gay… that is not it at all.

    the guy who beat jayron has a girlfriend and jay is friends with her and one day he took her phone and had it for a while and he started texting her boyfriend from her phone acting like he was her. he was able to get nude pics of the girls boyfriend which he then sent to his phone. how the boyfriend and/or girlfriend found out i dont know. so in a sense it is because he is homo-sexual but its not like they singled him out just because he was gay it was because of what he did.

  • conrad

    and people want to get gay married while shit like this keeps happening over and over and over again…

    i know what will stop gay bashings! marriage!

    wtf planet are people on?!

  • Landon Bryce

    First they ignore you.

    Then then laugh at you.

    Then they hate you.

    Then they kill you.

    Then you win.

    Anon says he got what he deserved, but the world Twitters now and the glistening blood of these boys buys our freedom.

    Justice is coming.

  • merkin

    wow, its funny that Anon–presumably a straight classmate of Jayron–happens to be reading a gay blog. I call bullshit

    Even if his story is true, beating him with a lead pipe is insane!

  • jason

    Homophobic bullying has been going on in schools for years. And all under the noses of principals and school teachers.

  • patriot

    I bet the bus driver laffed like crazy at the little sissy getting his. Should of finished him off … that would put an end to it. Read your Bible, it’s unnatural ! Wish I saw it happen.

  • Attmay

    @14 Jason:

    This is a huge part of the case against government-run schools. They do nothing to protect the victims of bullying, teasing, and harassment.

    @15 Patriot:

    Scummy breeders like you are why gays are one more insult away from bashing back on a grand scale.

  • hyhybt

    When is the ‘report’ button coming back?

  • lies

    he DID NOT beat him because he was gay… he beat him because jayron was trying to trick him into sending him nude picks… they both ride my bus and i can tell u jayron talks a lot of shit

  • Kris


    Why doesn’t everyone carry around a lead pipe, so they can attack anything or anyone they don’t like. Maybe you would be beaten up with a lead pipe, and that way we wouldn’t have to read the BS spilling from your lips.

  • alicia banks

    evil gaybashing parents teach their heathen spawn to be rabid torturers!

    real parents teach ALL children to do BATTLE TO THE DEATH with all bullies!!!!

    parents of gay children MUST teach their children to FIGHT BACK AND KILL IN SELF DEFENSE!!!





  • Dan

    Beaten for supposedly trying to get nude pics? That’s like being beaten for supposedly making a pass at another guy. The real reason is homophobia. That is, if “Lies” isn’t just lying, as his name seems to imply.

  • Keith Kimmel

    Would someone please kill the fucking spammer?

  • Larry Roberts

    Why hasn’t this story made it into the mainstream media like the Houston Chronicle?

  • lauran

    this is horrible? I don’t understand why a persons sexuality seems to be a problem of other people. If Jayron is happy with himself why does it matter to these other people? I mean in what way is his sexual preference impacting their lives? People are so ignorant and judgemental these days. I agree this should be treated as a hate crime,and from what Jayron said on CNN,the bus driver actually tried to help him. Im not understanding why the bus driver has been fired,yet the principals that were informed are still employed at the school. My prayers go out to jayron and his family

  • truth

    what the hell do yall not understand… jayron was not singled out and beaten because he was gay, the guy beat him because he tricked him into sending nude pics of himself… im not saying that its right but GET THE DAMN STORY STRAIGHT!

  • As Usual

    Is this story still going on?

  • As Usual

    I’m tired of reading these sick comments and rebuttals. It happened, I’m sorry it went that way. No one seems to want to share the full story. I HAVE A QUESTION THOUGH…Through out this whole story bloggers have been saying why didn’t the Vice Principal, Principal, School Bus Driver, Teacher etc. do anything to protect the victim…..WHY DIDN’THE PICK UP A PHONE AND CALL HIS MOTHER IF HE FELT HE WAS IN SO MUCH DANGER? She could have picked him up, since she doesn’t work and us disabled, by her own admittance. I’m sure the school has land lines there…hmmmm just a thought!!!1

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