gay bashing

Did Jayron Martin’s High School Principals Do Nothing to Stop His Pipe Bashing?

From the terrifying world of school bullying, and common wisdom that school administrators do nothing to stop it comes this story from Houston high school freshman Jayron Martin, who was beaten with a metal pipe after school by a classmate while eight others watched — and it only stopped when a man who saw the attack from his home whipped out a shotgun. All because the other kids accused Jayron of being gay. But perhaps the worst part, beyond the cuts and bruises and cracks? That the attack might have been prevented: Jayron’s assault went down after he told two of his principals and bus driver about the planned attack before it happened; a classmate tipped him off.


The 16-year-old accused of assaulting Jayron has been arrested; police say there are no other suspects. The bus driver has been placed on leave.

This is horrifying.

But we’re glad to see Jayron’s mother Lakenya speaking up about it. Keep talking.