Did Jodie Cheat?

Say it ain’t so!

Rumor has it that not-so-secret lesbian Jodie Foster’s 14-year relationship with producer Cydney Bernard came crashing down after Foster let her eyes – and hands? – wander:

[Foster], 45, cheated on movie producer Cydney Bernard with screenwriter Cindy Mort, 51, according to US sources.

It is claimed the couple met on the set of 2006 film The Brave One.

An insider told the National Enquirer magazine: “The affair heated up last year and the pair have been quietly seeing each other since then.”

And here we thought Foster was better than that. Commence dream shattering…

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  • todd

    Way to go Jodi – she was too old for you!

  • Tom

    I’m at lost as to why her personal love life is any of my business. She is a great actress and I haven’t heard anything bad about her as a person. Is there a reason why she should not be entitled to find someone that makes her happy?

  • Lika Starr

    National Enquirer? Please!

    I doubt very seriously this is true. Instead it’s probably just a tabloid sucker-punch in hopes of getting Foster to talk and actually say the words, “I am gay.”

    eh… Who am I kidding? It’s true, it’s true — that sneaky bitch. Love ya Jodie! :D

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    People who ogle about other people’s sex lives are usually insecure about their own ability to perform as well as feelings of self-inadequacy. Just take a look at the staffers who write this “newsworthy” crap and the CEOs who travel based on sexual trysts overseas and to Nevada. Where does Rupert Murdoch go to cheat? How about the members of Queerty? Really, we don’t care but because it’s Jodie Foster, the homophobic-fueled media and the Gay Denigrators who buy into this drivel are supplanting their own misery by pointing a stick at someone Bigger and Better!

  • hisurfer

    This is reasoin #1 why famous people won’t be public about their sexuality. It’s not fear of homophobia, it’s fear of becoming tabloid fodder.

  • Len

    Hisurfer, that would only make sense if straight people hid their sexuality too. I don’t notice Tom Cruise suing anybody for supposing that he’s straight.

    Closeted gays are making a clear statement that their sexuality is a source of shame. That is bad and wrong.

    End of story.

  • parisinla

    my dreams are shattered ::sits in corner, glue in hand sobbing with pieces of dreams::

  • RJ

    Lika Starr, whether you like it or not, the Enquirer is often right about crap like this. I know a network exec who once had a subscription to the tabloid rag because he said it was his way of knowing what was really happening on the sets of the TV shows on his network, and the reports were more often accurate than not.

  • Lika Starr

    @ RJ

    It doesn’t really matter whether I like it or not. It is whatever it is and that’s it. I don’t care if Jodie is cheating on Cydney. That’s their business, not mine.

    I was merely taking a stab at the tabloid which is really no different than what they do with those they write about. In other words, it was my own sucker-punch.

    What I do find interesting is the network exec you mentioned. Care to share details?

    Ugh… I just lowered myself to the level of a tabrag. Please excuse me while I dig a hole and crawl in.

  • Andy

    #3 Tom — you’ve said everything that needs to be said on this issue.

  • fuegochick

    The lesbian community is the same whether it’s the rich and famous or us regular folks…I’m a lesbian and Ellen cheated on her then photog GF with Portia, who she is now engaged to. It doesn’t shock me that Jody Foster has cheated on her partner of 14 yrs. My partner cheated on me and in my own community it seems everyone is breaking up at some point, no matter how long they’ve been together….go figure.

  • finzbar

    The story reminds me of that one all those many years ago when they thought they had the goods on Ms.Foster with Ms.McGillis back during the Accused…turns out was just a friend helping a friend during a difficult crisis…one who had been gang raped…and know what that is what the paparatzi do and we assist them everytime we tinker into this woman’s personal life to use her sexuality and her children’s paternity as a reason to profer our opinions. Am sure she has her reasons for quietly working on things like the Trevor Project and not making her personal life the front and center of all that she professionally and personally esteems just to satify our nosey nature or to render our own lifes as justifiable….she gives back all the time and simply just tries to carve out her own little slice of peace and quiet…maybe had she been given the space during her college years she would have been able to become the woman we all know she is without the ridiculous banter…omg she owes us nothing other than honest performances to the best of her ability when she desires to work. Frankly we, in the womens community owe her the common decency of simply allowing her the same luxury we have had…the basic privledge to simply find our own voices without all the media hoopla…this is a mom who is simply trying to raise two kids and balance the strange demands of her bizarre job. How sad and small we are as a community to equate her choice to simply be who she is naturally to being in a closet….if is one you deem her in I bet its a cedar walk in…and goes to show you why she finds the game of chatting about sexuality and self indulgences as a foolish waste of time. How many here have donated to the trevor project by either time or money or even know what it is…Being gay isnt about making announcements its about living by the conviction of your soul and honoring the ones and your community through deed not loud formal announcements and action. If you are disappointed in her perhaps you should try living one day in her skin since the age of about 12. You may understand her cautious nature and stubborn desire to maintain privacy. Its called self respect and integrity of the soul.

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