Did Johnny Weir Know Whom Was Having Sex at the Olympics?

Handing out free condoms, as any school administrator knows, encourages recipients to have sex. So when the Olympic committee bans fornication at the Olympic Village, what mixed message did it send when free condoms were being distributed there?

Okay, that was the stupidest part of his chat with Joy Behar last night. The best part is Weir’s response to his critics, which he’s been doing a lot of lately, in his heroic way. Or was the best part when Behar applies the gay label to Weir, and the figure skater, who’s never publicly acknowledged his sexuality (… right?), keeps on gabbing?

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  • terrwill

    What would a day on QWEIRTY be withour a story about Johnny qWeir???? Isn’t this site supposed to be about the Gays?? : p

  • hardmannyc

    That is quite possibly the most illiterate headline I have ever read in my life. Is English a second language for you?

  • Jon

    Practically every story on this site is crying out for a proofreader.

  • ROB

    I literally wince at most of the writing on this site…

  • Joe

    Did he know who was having sex. Who is the subject of that second clause.

  • twee insipid indie bitch

    I think Queerty does it to purposefully piss off everyone who makes a fuss over everything but the actual subject of the article. Lord knows I would.

  • eagledancer

    Providing condom encourages sex, just as seat belts in a car encourages auto accidents, and having a fire extinguisher at home encourages your house to burn down…

  • jamison

    @hardmannyc: haha i just looked at the headline a cracked up. so funny!

  • john

    Olympian athletes spend years of their life obsessed or driven by parential influences to excel and become the best.

    Many, many thousands of hours of a young persons life is spent in practice, being injured, and missing the everyday simple social interactions that kids experience in their growing up period. We don’t hear about the injuries that become worse as athletes age and have to endure pain and discomfort of crippling arthritis.

    I hope all our of Olympians are able to take their sacrafice and turn their sport art into monetary rewards that will guarantee a financially stable and comfortable lifestyle for the rest of their days.

    All deserve their 15 minutes of fame and I am enjoying the post rush to “make hay while the Sun shines” !! Now we will see who really has the talent and rises to the top of the podium !

    This years Winter Olympics had much personal drama, a beautiful natural setting, quite a list of interesting characters and personalities to follow, and it was refreshing to see sport interact with beauty. The world is in very difficult and uncertain times right now and the Winter Olympics and the cast of characters was a TV quirk — a breath of unexpected and uncalculated fresh air !

    Good luck to all Olympians and bravo — I really enjoyed the show and will be following the cast of characters scramble to the cash box !!!

  • BobaLou

    Really, people, really?!?!? Stop bitching about the fucking grammar. Damn stick-up-your ass queens. Go pet your cats and listen to Liza CDs. But shut the fuck up.

  • alan brickman

    atheltes after competing have lots of sex… just that simple to stop the transmission of stds…mostly commensense if you ask me…who they have it with should stay private if they want it to be too…

  • ossurworld

    Johnny Weir and bad writing seem to go together.

  • MissTransSylvaniaTV

    wha’s wrong with his hair? and isn’t he asexual?

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