Did Julie Hopwood Murder Her Trans Brother’s Girlfriend In Michigan Shooting?

How far would you go to murder the female partner of your trans brother? Julie Hopwood allegedly went quite far: 600 miles. By car. She’s accused of driving from Charlotte to Livonia, Michigan, to murder Amy Chesbro, the girlfriend of Hopwood’s brother.

Hopwood, who took a leave of absence from her part-time instructor gig at Central Piedmont Community College, reportedly waited outside Chesbro’s office for 45 minutes until she came out of the building, when Hopwood shot her and drove off. Chesbro died from the gunshot wounds soon thereafter.

Does trans identity play a role here? Perhaps.

Hopwood’s younger sibling was born a woman, Patricia Jean Hopwood, and transitioned in the early 2000s to become PJ Redbird TwoRavens. TwoRavens and Chesbro have been together for years, described by some as “engaged.” The siblings’ uncle Frederick Leetch says there’s been tension ever since Patricia became PJ Redbird: “As best I understood it, she didn’t like when her younger sister changed sex. I think this is something that’s been bothering her because she didn’t have a sister anymore.”

Hopwood has been arraigned on murder charges and awaits a court date in prison.

Reads a statement from her family: “The Hopwood family is devastated by the loss of Amy “Rion” Chesbro. She was a beautiful and spirited woman, and a much-loved member of our family. We do not have any explanation for the actions of our sister, Julie Hopwood.”

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  • Comixbear

    Okay, all who feel like the woman here looks like she would be perfect for the next film adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery, raise your hands!

  • Thaniel

    This is a completely senseless tragedy that random speculation about motive by anyone who didn’t commit the crime doesn’t help. The deed is done. A good woman is gone & a good man bereft. And that’s the entire sad truth. Having some respect & allowing the family privacy is all we can do.

  • Samwise

    @Thaniel: Um… no. A good MAN is gone and a good WOMAN bereft.

    And that statement from PJ’s family makes me sad. “She was a beautiful and spirited woman…” No HE wasn’t.

  • Thaniel

    Um, NO, yourself. The person who was killed was a ciswoman living as a woman. And PJ, the transman, is still alive, and indeed bereft. And the statement is from the murdered woman’s family & is *about* her. So the gender markers in their statement & my comment are accurate.

  • saltydog

    @Samwise You know that PJ is still alive right?

  • joe biden

    PJ is the transgendered person and is alive. Amy, a woman, and PJ’s girlfriend is dead. PJ’s sister Julie killed Amy.

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