Did Justin Trudeau Just Become The World’s Sexiest Leader?

NA-TRUDEAU-EDBOARD5 The editorial board met with Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau on April 5, 2013. CARLOS OSORIO/TORONTO STAR

The short answer? Oh, totally.

Canadians have long been drooling over Canada’s new prime minister Justin Trudeau, but most of the world is just now starting to clock the 43-year-old’s appearance — oh, and his highly forward-thinking views on LGBT rights, abortion,  and marijuana laws, which, of course, is really the thing that makes him sexy, in our book.

He’s a former high school teacher, snowboarding instructor, and nightclub bouncer — um, hot? — who until quite recently sported long touseled locks. In 2000, his moving eulogy at his father’s state funeral was the talk of Canada. (His father was Pierre Trudeau, a dashing prime minister who often drew comparisons to John F. Kennedy.)

He was long primed for greatness. During a state dinner in Ottawa hosted by Pierre Trudeau in 1972, Richard Nixon said, “Tonight we’ll dispense with the formalities. I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada: to “Justin Pierre Trudeau.” (Don’t hold Nixon’s adulation against him, though.)

Here’s a quick, at-a-long-lustrous-glance primer on Trudeau and his views on LGBT rights:

First off, we’ll get this out of the way:  his own sexuality has been the basis of so much speculation that he felt the need to address it within the first five minutes of an interview with The Canadian Encyclopedia:

“As a straight, white male…” he says, pausing and adopting a look of mock horror. “Oops, I guess I just blew it,” he jokes.


In his memoir Common Ground, Trudeau says his two “core” principles are gay rights, adoption, and legal reform of marijuana. As for those who are opposed to his views, he says he cannot “simply pander to their position” but has to “adhere to my own views.” CE5h0xmUEAECYdW        

While in attendance at this year’s Toronto pride parade (which he attends every year), he waxed poetic on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize marriage equality.

In closing: It’s the future, so having super-handsome, super-charming, pro-gay world leaders can totally be a thing now.

Here’ a few more sexy snaps of Trudeau, just because.

Trudeau-Brazeau boxing





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