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Did Kathy Griffin Lie About Being So Hated By the Apollo?


The gay sympathizing D-list comedian’s “pussy joke” at the Apollo — which aired on Kathy Griffin‘s Bravo show last week — supposedly got the girl banned from the theater for life. Something about offending the kids with talk of Octomom’s labia majora. But one gay blogger (and Friend of Queerty) in the audience back in March says it wasn’t as ruthless as the show made you think. What’s this? Kathy Griffin pulling a stunt for ratings glory? Even if it makes her look bad to blacks?

Relays Clay Cane:

First, the audience was 70% white and the show made it look like the audience was predominately black. It was actually the whitest audience I have ever seen at the Apollo and I have been there countless times over the years.

Also, it wasn’t “family night” (I’m not even sure that exists) at the Apollo. It was Amateur Night – one for the kids and one for the adults. I’ve been to the Apollo Theatre several times and I have never been there for a night when I didn’t hear a curse word. You only saw him for a second on the show, but the MC for Amateur Night (I forgot his name) was cussing up a storm — like most comedians at the Apollo, he was edgy, raunchy and the crowd loved every minute of it.

The rep from the Apollo seemed extremely sincere at his disgust for Kathy so I can’t imagine it was staged — but it didn’t seem logical. The rep said she insulted the theater and she is no longer welcomed now or in the future. But, if I remember correctly, Kathy’s “pussy joke,” which is what allegedly set the rep off, about the Octomom was at the beginning of her set – the joke seemed to be a hit and got some good laughs. Maybe I was in the trashy section! I clearly remember Griffin began to lose the crowd when she rambled about Palin. Actually, I felt like she was holding back and not edgy enough.