Did Media Closet Gay Soldier?

Forty-year old Maj. Alan Rogers died in Iraq last January, but the papers didn’t start gabbing about him until recently.

While the media celebrated this military man’s death, they never mentioned his homosexuality, which leads journo Chris Johnson to conclude the media’s in collusion with the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

The press, however, says it’s a matter of privacy:

The Washington Post, National Public Radio and the Gainesville Sun, the local newspaper in his hometown of Hampton, Fla., made no mention of his sexual orientation or his involvement with a group that works to overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Lynn Medford, Metro editor for the Post, said the newspaper debated whether or not to disclose Rogers’ sexual orientation and ultimately decided not to include such information as a matter of ethics. Rogers to some degree “kept his orientation private” and outing him after his death would “take a decision out of his hands,” she said.

Are we the only ones who find the “let the dead man decide” argument a little suspect?

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