Did Prop 8 Lover Meg Whitman’s Old eBay Execs Think She Was a “Monster”?


Have you met “Good Meg” or “Bad Meg” Whitman? The Prop 8-supporting former eBay CEO, who didn’t even start voting until 2005, is running for governor of California, but a lawsuit by a former underling reveals the lady might have a mean streak that precedes her candidacy.

Emails between eBay exec Garrett Price and Whitman, revealed in an on-going lawsuit between eBay and Craigslist (which eBay holds a stake in), paint Whitman as, well, a “monster,” a statement allegedly made by Price, which he now denies.

Meanwhile, while Whitman told Craigslist execs that, if things didn’t work out between the companies, eBay would divest itself, that was never her intention; the emails detail how she wanted to own 100 percent of Craigslist. And she wrote that it was “pretty funny” Craiglists’ execs Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster (testifying in the video above) trusted her word.

Is that the mark of a savvy businesswoman, or a conniving power-hungry monster who wants to be California’s next chief executive? Either way, Whitman is prepared to throw as many millions at the problem as she needs.

(video via Gawker)