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Neil Patrick Harris Was Undoubtedly the Best Part of the Emmys. (Yes, Better Than Grey Gardens Winning)


Last night, television actors and actresses were handed statues made of something from the periodic table. Some of the celebrities even deserved ’em! Oh, and the absolutely excellent Neil Patrick Harris was there to chauffeur things along. Like when he interrupted the Emmy Awards broadcast as Dr. Horrible.

As the Triple Host Threat (that’s TV Land, Tonys, and Emmys … and one day, Oscars), Harris has carved out a new niche, and payday, for himself in less than a year. He draws bigger audiences than his predecessors for a television category (awards shows) that Americans appear to care less about each year. Which is where Harris’ theatrics, musical numbers, and lovable mug come in. Viewers are cheering as much for NPH as they are for Cherry Jones, Toni Collette, Tiny Fay, and the gals of Grey Gardens.

And thankfully, he delivers. Witness the show’s opener:

Even fellow celebs were impressed. Though it’s wise to say nice things about NPH to reporters.