Did NJ School Allow Bullying?

Officials from a New Jersey school may face detention. Or, at least, a stiff fine.

State officials ruled a bisexual student can pursue a case against the Jackson Township school district after administrators and teachers did nothing to stop anti-queer harassment. Speaking on the matter, civil rights activist J. Frank Vespa-Papaleo said: D

espite repeatedly calling it to the attention of school authorities, the complainant in this case appears to have been exposed to a harassing environment that was, over a period of years, both severe and persuasive

The anonymous youth first brought the bullying up back in 2005, when he asked for a class transfer. Then, in 2006, the student told teachers that another student had threatened his life. Yet, nothing was done. Though there will be no judged trial, there will be a conciliation process. If found guilty, the school may be fined $10,000. Officials, however, have pledged to fight the case.

School May Have Allowed Bullying Of Bisexual Teen [CBS]