Did Obama Campaign Try To Silence Sidden?

Barack Obama‘s campaign may have made another blunder yesterday.

Journo Michelangelo Signorile invited Obama’s gay minister Andy Sidden for a sit down on his radio show to chat about the anti-gay gospel gaffe. Though Sidden readily agreed in the morning, an unidentifiable source later called to cancel for him.

[Sidden] was gracious and happy to come on my show yesterday — at least, that was in the morning, when my producer, David Guggenheim, booked him. Later on, he was reticent, almost canceled, clearly getting pressure from the Obama campaign not to do it (he mentioned a name of someone at the campaign — Joshua — and this was shortly after someone called us to cancel for him, but we could not, bizarrely, identify who that was; the Obama campaign later wrote my producer to say that no one at the campaign had called to cancel for him, but the call came on our guest hotline, which general listeners do not have). The question is, why were they trying to stop him from coming on?

Meanwhile, we’ve been feeling a little bad about laying all this on Obama. While he should definitely be held accountable for the past week’s debacles, the scandal’s obviously indicates that his campaign staff are – and there’s really no other word – incompetent.

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