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Did Obama Not Enjoy GetEQUAL’s 3-Prong Attack On His Democratic High Roller Fundraiser?

By land, air, and sea GetEQUAL made sure they had President Obama’s attention in Coral Gables, Florida on Monday night when attended a DCCC fundraiser at former Miami Heat basketball player Alonzo Mourning’s home. Demonstrators were in the ocean (blasting air horns while Obama was speaking), greeting attendees, including the presdient (who waved), at the gate (with 10-foot signs reading “End the Discharges Now”), and weather balloons flying forty feet in the sky reading “Stop the discharges now.” Anthony Woods, the discharged vet who ran an unsuccessful congressional campaign, tried buying a $5,000 ticket to the event but was denied access; GetEQUAL’s pre-prepared press release said Woods “approached President Obama to inform him what the protests were about, and to remind him of his campaign promises.” And yes, the Coast Guard was called in.

The event was to pull in $1 million for congressional Democrats and Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, whom Obama apologized for calling [hime] Ron Klain, vice president Joe Biden‘s chief of staff. He gave two speeches open to the press; Klein did not appear next to him at either [he was inside Mourning’s home].

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