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Did Obama Not Enjoy GetEQUAL’s 3-Prong Attack On His Democratic High Roller Fundraiser?

By land, air, and sea GetEQUAL made sure they had President Obama’s attention in Coral Gables, Florida on Monday night when attended a DCCC fundraiser at former Miami Heat basketball player Alonzo Mourning’s home. Demonstrators were in the ocean (blasting air horns while Obama was speaking), greeting attendees, including the presdient (who waved), at the gate (with 10-foot signs reading “End the Discharges Now”), and weather balloons flying forty feet in the sky reading “Stop the discharges now.” Anthony Woods, the discharged vet who ran an unsuccessful congressional campaign, tried buying a $5,000 ticket to the event but was denied access; GetEQUAL’s pre-prepared press release said Woods “approached President Obama to inform him what the protests were about, and to remind him of his campaign promises.” And yes, the Coast Guard was called in.

The event was to pull in $1 million for congressional Democrats and Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, whom Obama apologized for calling [hime] Ron Klain, vice president Joe Biden’s chief of staff. He gave two speeches open to the press; Klein did not appear next to him at either [he was inside Mourning’s home].

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  • AndrewW

    More stupid.

    Can anyone explain how this HELPS us? It is childish to think that if we piss off Obama enough times he’ll finally use his “magic wand” and change the votes in the US Senate. Trying to embarrass a politician into submission just alienates any of the friends we have left.

    GetEQUAL keeps making us look stupid and trying to suggest it is somehow helpful – it is delusional and childish. If these attention-whores are receiving any donations for these stunts, they must be from Republicans.

    Thankfully, the media ignored this stunt, too.

  • AndrewW

    If you like your “activism” with intelligence, look here:

  • Tim W

    Ignore Andrew. He has already been banned from at least 3 other blogs. He keeps going around telling people how he has spent over a half a million dollars on research to show us the way to our rights. When pressed for details he shows absolutely no proof whatsoever and tells people he will release his research when the GLBT community is ready for it. He has a messiah complex that he is going to save us all once we are ready for it. He constantly attacks GetEqual yet shows no real solutions because we as a community aren’t ready for them.

  • Mark

    Obama is a liar and a homophobe.

    He is not our friend.

    He deserves to be embarrassed and he needs to realise that his homophobia will cost him and his party dearly in terms of LGBT support.

    I’ll be voting for the Green Party.

    (And for anyone who says that a vote for the Greens is the same as a vote for the Republicans – well I don’t care. The Democrats are so useless and irrelevant that they are no better than the Republicans)

  • The Milkman

    I may vote for the Greens too… damn…

  • Vagasil Cream

    Stop the Discharge :-)

  • Cam

    CNN has already picked up the Narrative, they did an interview this morning with somebody on how Obama could stop the discharges with an exec order.

    So Andrew W, you keep saying that Get Equal does nothing for us, however, since Get Equal started up, at first The White house and Congress said there would be no movement on it, then Get Equal started doing sit in’s in the offices of our “Friends” in Congress, these “Friends” went to the Whhite house and said a vote was coming down whether they liked it or not. Now you also have the news media attacking Obama for not pushing hard enough….

    but of course, that really doesn’t matter to you because you don’t look at facts do you?

  • Jason

    @Cam: I don’t know if Andrew is accurate, but I looked for it on CNN this morning and it wasn’t there. MSNBC didn’t cover it either. I googled it and it only appeared in about 7 LGBT Blogs.

    What movement on DADT? It’s still dead.

    I think GetEqual might be helpful but I haven’t seen it. It seems most people avoid them or bash them in the comments. I participated in a few actions before and people made fun of us. I think what would help is a March with millions of people. That might could help.

  • edgyguy1426

    While I believe the ACLU has our back on the legal front, what group besides GetEQUAL is showing any balls on the activist front? The republicans aren’t going to change their minds, based on their core beliefs,and the dems are (supposedly) the champions of civil rights, then why do you think GetEQUAL, who are excersising their civil rights are a negative? This is democracy in action, pure and simple, and we’re only reminding the dems of thier core beliefs, because they seem to have forgotten them as of late.

  • edgyguy1426

    AndrewW: What about us, AndrewW, why does Obama continue to piss US off? The lackluster leadership, the DoJ appeals; just how much are you gonna sit there and take before you yell NO MORE!!!?
    GetEQUAL has my back and I thank them for it. They are the physical front for showing just how pissed off *I* am about this presidency when it comes to our rights. Thankfully for him the courts seem to be doing all the heavy lifting so he can claim credit down the line: “During my presidency, we saw the end of DADT, the end of DOMA….etc., etc.” Oh, yes I can hear it now.

  • AndrewW

    @edgyguy1426: Because Obama ALREADY knows we’re pissed off. Having little publicity stunts or dancing around with clever signs doesn’t change the FACT that we do not have 60 votes in the US Senate. We have 56. The other 44 won’t budge because for them it’s a “moral” issue – like abortion.

    GetEQUAL childishly believes Obama is refusing to use his “magic wand” and make everything better. He doesn’t have a magic wand.

    No other progressive or liberal group has engaged in this self-serving street theater or heckled the President or tried to “embarrass” Democrats. THEY know it doesn’t help.

    GetEQUAL did this stunt to get enough attention to raise money. It wasn’t covered in the media and it didn’t change any minds or votes. It just pisses people off. I hope they run out of money, before we run out of friends.

  • Barack Obama

    @AndrewW: I’m happy to have you as my cock polisher.

  • AndrewW

    @Barack Obama: Well, that must be your “magic wand.” Tell the children at GetEQUAL they’ve been running around making fools of themselves and hurting the LGBT community. Tell Kip, not Robin. : )

  • Tim W

    @AndrewW: Don’t you all know you are in the presence of the Messiah. See Andrew has spent over a half million dollars to show us the way to our rights. Of course he’s not going to share it because we aren’t ready. So he’ll come on here and trash GetEqual and makes excuses for Obama because he know what to do. He just isn’t telling anyone. All hail the great and powerful Andrew.

  • AndrewW

    @Tim W: Just tell us HOE GetEQUAL helps us – or is that information not give to cheerleaders?

  • Tim W

    I believe that direct action keeps the heat on politicians to do what they say they will. It’s that simple. And unlike you they are doing something instead of posting on any blog that hasn’t banned you. All you have done is told people you have done this research that frankly is laughable considering you have not shown one ounce of proof that it even exists. As soon as you show some proof I will take back everything and apologize to you. Frankly you know and I know that won’t happen because your research doesn’t exist.

  • AndrewW

    @Tim W: You said GetEQUAL “keeps the heat on politicians to do what they say they will. Interesting. Can you give me an example? Just give me one example of this magical “heat” forcing a politician to do anything. They’ve spent $1 million making this magical heat – how’s that working?

  • Legal Eagle

    @AndrewW: Children believe we can pressure politicians. GE lives in a fantasy land.

  • Ran

    How come GetEQUAL doesn’t protest the Republican’s? It seems they should spend more time with them.

  • AndrewW

    Just two days after that dramatic (and childish) Miami protest of DADT, the White House announced they would be appealing the DADT Injunction.

    Bigger banners next time? More weather balloons? Better megaphones?

    We applied faux “pressure” and the White House responded. We were punished for this juvenile protest. It only hurt us.

    What’s next?

    GetEQUAL continues to harm the LGBT Community with their childish antics. I hope they run out of money, before we run out of friends.

  • the crustybastard


    You believe that Obama appealed the DADT ruling as retribution against a handful of protestors.

    And you somehow imagine that makes GetEQUAL look bad?

    You’re a nut, dude.


  • AndrewW

    @the crustybastard: No. I said the idiots went to “put pressure” on the President and three days later he said “fu*k you” to them. He was planning to wait until after the mid-terms to file an Appeal. He didn’t wait.

    Increasingly, Democrats and even Moderates are becoming impatient with the LGBT community because of GetEQUAL’s childish publicity stunts. At a recent March in DC (Progressives) Dan Choi was ignored.

    When we piss on people, they get mad. GetEQUAL’s strategy is to piss on people. The President could have waited, but it has been reported that when he returned he told them to hurry with the Appeal. Do you remember what happened in Miami? Yeah, the LGBT-baggers did a childish protest.

  • the crustybastard

    @AndrewW wrote, “the idiots went to “put pressure” on the President and three days later he said “fu*k you” to them. He was planning to wait until after the mid-terms to file an Appeal. He didn’t wait.

    Don’t you mean, three days later he said “fu*k you” to thousands of servicemembers who weren’t even at the protest?

    If Obama was going to fuck us regardless, what difference does it make whether he did it before or after the midterms?

    Here’s the deal: when my “allies” fuck my people, I get mad, too.

    Democrats and moderates are getting impatient? Well, boo-motherfucking-hoo. I have fewer rights today than I did on the day I was born. I could tell them a little bit about impatience.

    Honestly Andrew, every time you open your mouth you make a new Green Party voter.

  • AndrewW

    @the crustybastard: Well, that’s simply Crusty – this is evidence that getEQUAl’s bullshit hurts us. We are alienating everyone with the childish strategy of “embarrassing, irritating or inconveniencing people into submission or agreement.”

    GetEQUAL is turning people against us – they are making us the PETA of issues.

    So your mad, huh? Plenty of people are mad, but they don’t hurt our movement – they think about ways to win, not simply express anger or try to piss people off.

    What, are you a burnt out radical from the 60s?

  • Tim W

    @the crustybastard: Crusty no use arguing with this quisling. For months he’s been attacking GetEqual telling everyone that he has all this research actually over a half million dollar worth that he has paid for and he has the answers. He’s been pressed by numerous people for proof. Not after been called on his BS about his research he realizes that people aren’t stupid and weren’t buying his act. Now he’s on here and Bilerico blaming GetEqual for Democrats getting thrashed this election and how we should support Obama and the Democrats. This is after he’s been saying for months they are inconsequential. It’s amazing how many flip flops this guy does.

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