Did Obama Skp the Boy Scouts’ 100th Anniversary Jamboree Because The Group Is Grossed Out By Gays?

The Boy Scouts of America might be able to continue staying rent-free in Philly, but on their 100th anniversary the group wasn’t to be showered with President Obama’s attention. Because he loves homosexuals!

That’s the going theory on conservative sites like FreeRepublic.com, while RedState.com condemned the president for hitting up The View while ignoring America’s young boys at the Virginia event because of the scheduling conflict created by taping the TV spot, relays Edge. But I’ve sort of got no problem with the sitting president of a country that condemns discrimination to skip over a group that actively endorses it, not to mention a group that’s been shown to purposefully hide allegations of child abuse.

Even Chuck Norris is getting on the president’s case, writing on Townhall, “President Obama became the honorary president of the BSA in March 2009, and the White House didn’t even mention it. And ever since, any discussions or interactions with the Scouts have been ’don’t ask, don’t tell.’ And how could they, because the president would then have to acknowledge publicly that as honorary president of BSA, he affirmed the Scouts’ oath, beliefs and policies, which prohibit atheists and agnostics from membership and ’avowed’ homosexuals from leadership roles?”

Raise your hand if you would want to mention becoming the honorary president of a bigot group.

Most fitting, then, was that Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell did attend. Well, duh.