Did Priscilla Director Stephan Elliott Come Out To Help Publicize His Terrible New Movie?

When we first heard  Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that Stephan Elliott had come out of the closet, our first response was, “who”?

Then when we remembered Elliott directed the original film version of The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, our next thought was, “Wasn’t he out already?”

But apparently Elliott, who also directed Eye of the Beholder and Easy Virtue, just announced he was gay publicly for the first time yesterday at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards.

“I’ve been offshore for many, many years for another reason… Basically it was because I was scared of who I was. I basically was scared that I was gay. Even after Priscilla I stayed offshore basically because I was frightened of my family. And tonight I’m coming out.”

Welcome to the club, Mr. Elliott, we’re happy to have you. Only we don’t know if we’d give you the thunderous applause your colleagues did at the awards last night.

You’re a 47-year-old filmmaker known for making one of the gayest, campiest movies of the last two decades.

You work in an industry where gay directors, at least, are at the top of their field. Lee Daniels (Precious) and Tate Taylor (The Help) didn’t feel the need to hide their sexuality for 20-odd years.

And we can’t help but notice your big announcement comes as your new movie, A Few Best Men (left), is being released—despite advance word that it’s perfectly dreadful. That’s right up there with getting divorced right as your new album drops.

So we’re not gonna rag on you for coming late to the party, but we’re not gonna give you a slice of cake either.